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Stock No.WGNC34-260RS Autech version/Saurus production/Actual measurement 526PS

☆Rare 260RS! Zaurus production N1E/G & GT-SS & front and rear BK! Actual measurement 526PS!

260RS Autech version
90,859 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a rare car Stagea 260RS Autec version with actual measurement of 526PS.
The car is a 2-owner vehicle, and it was assembled with a new engine about 17,000 km ago with full balance N1 specifications, and the GT-SS turbine has super high response from low speed to high rotation range. ! It is a specification that you can enjoy even sports driving.
Please be assured that no circuit driving or hard driving is performed.
It is a car with a very high degree of perfection, including the undercarriage, driving, cooling, and instruments related to the engine.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year: 2011 (Late)
A car name: Stagea
Grade: 260RS Autech version
Mileage: 90859KM
No repair history
Vehicle inspection: February 2009
New car warranty, maintenance notebook, instruction manual, NISMO key + spare key
VIPER security x 2 (remote control)

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ Engine related ☆ (526PS Torque 59.7Kgm Boost 1.3Kp)
Equipped with power check sheet
2006 Engine production at SAURUS (17,000 km after production)
new N1 block
New N1 piston/piston ring
New N1 parent and child metal
connecting rod balancing
crankshaft balancing
TOMEI combination metal gasket
Combustion chamber processing and capacity matching
Cylinder head surface grinding, processing, port polishing, step correction
Valve seat polishing
shim adjustment
TOMEI Pon camshaft
TOMEI reinforced timing belt
HKS GT-SS turbine x2
HKS reinforced actuator
TRUST oil filler cap
COCKPIT Wako oil catch tank

☆ Intake and exhaust related ☆
Blitz SUSPOWER air cleaner
Custom-made full titanium front pipe
Custom-made full titanium rear muffler
NISMO sports catalyzer

☆ Cooling ☆
TRUST 3-layer intercooler
TRUST intercooler piping kit
HKS 13-stage oil cooler kit
KOYO brass two-layer radiator
SARD air remover tank
SAMCO silicon radiator hose

☆ fuel related ☆
SARD 720cc fuel injector (ASNU injector cleaning + balancing)
NISMO fuel pump

☆ brake & wheel relation ☆
BREMBO F50 front 4-pod brake caliper
RDD 355mm front brake rotor
BREMBO F360 MODENA rear 4-pod caliper
(*This is a correction. The photo description says Lotus, but the correct one is F360 Modena BREMBO.)
RDD 343mm rear brake rotor
NISMO Stainless mesh brake hose
Cusco master cylinder stopper
VOLK TE37 Dolphin Ver 9J x 18+20
Donlop Deletsua ZII 235-40-18 tire

☆ Electrical related ☆
SAURUS original CPU for current car
TRUST PROFEC B-SPEC-II boost controller
FIELD ET-S linear torque split controller

☆ instrument relation ☆
Defi exhaust temperature gauge, boost gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge

☆ Suspension relation ☆
TEIN coilover MONO FLEX winding master coilover
TEIN EDFC controller
TEIN pillow ball tension rod
CUSCO front upper link
NISMO rear A arm (lower arm)
NISMO rear upper arm (front side)
Cusco rear adjustable upper link (rear side)
CUSCO drag rod (high cast cancel rod)
NISMO front third link bush
NISMO axle bush
NISMO steering gear mount bush set
NISMO floor reinforcement bar front
NISMO floor reinforcement bar center
Kansai Service Front Tower Bar
Cusco rear tower bar
rear member color set

☆ drive relation ☆
NISMO Super Copper Mix Twin Clutch
NISMO short stroke shift
NISMO GT shift knob

☆exterior relations☆
260RS Autech genuine aero (genuine OPT rear spoiler-less specification)
Dolphin carbon bonnet
Dolphin front grill
N1 bumper duct

☆Interior relations☆
BNR34GT-R late black genuine front seat 2 legs
BNR34GT-R late genuine pedal 3-piece set
Optional MOMO airbag steering wheel
Eclipse HDD navigation & DVD
ALPINE flip down monitor
Panasonic ETC