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Stock No.FD3S-FEED original demo car/side port engine & GTW3684R turbine/measured 493PS

☆ Ultimate FEED original demo car! RX7! TYPE-RS! SPEC-5 side port E/G & GTW3684R! About 4,000 km after production! Front and rear WIDE! 6POTBK! Actual measurement 493PS!

87,892 KM
FEED exclusive color


The car I would like to introduce this time is the former demo car of Rotary's prestigious Fujita Engineering.
It is a very famous car that has been highly evaluated in numerous specialized magazines and motor awards, and has become a catalog car on the homepage.
In 2015, E/G full O/H & new creation and turbine change etc. were constructed, break-in 3000KM
It is a car of 1000KM after setting in April 2018.
Approximately 4000km ago, the specs were almost the same as the current demo car. Spec 5 side port complete engine & GTW3684R turbine made by GCG.The specifications of the drive and undercarriage have just been changed. It is constructed in
In terms of power, it has a very high spec finish with a measured boost of 1.1 DYNAPACK 493.2PS.
It will be a recommended vehicle with a high degree of perfection that will never come out again.
Before delivery, Fujita Engineering will perform delivery maintenance etc. and deliver it.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇Car Details & Modification Details◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year: 1999 (Type 5)
Car name: RX-7
Grade: Type RS
Color: FEED exclusive color
Mileage: 87892km E/G full O/H & after new creation about 4,000km (including 3,000 break-in)
Vehicle inspection: May 2020
Warranty, record book, instruction manual, spare key x 2

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ Engine related ☆ March 2015 Full O/H & new creation
April 2018 Setting implementation
FEED SPEC-5 side port complete engine (within 4,000 km after production)
・Break-in 3000KM 1000KM after setting
FEED Apex Seal DLC
FEED pulley kit for high rotation
FEED racing plug cord
FEED oil catch tank
FEED oil filler cap
FEED ground earth wire
FEED reinforced engine mount set
FEED dedicated oil filter

☆ Turbine related ☆
GCG GTW3684R turbine (when producing E/G)
HKS GT Wastegate
FEED one-off exhaust manifold
FEED one-off front pipe

☆ fuel related ☆
FEED 850cc injector
FEED large capacity fuel pump
FEED Collect tank (for in-tank)
FEED power supply harness KIT for collection tank

☆ Cooling ☆
FEED intercooler kit (ARC core)
FEED intercooler piping
FEED twin oil cooler kit
FEED triple turn aluminum radiator
FEED radiator air separate tank
FEED silicon radiator hose
FEED radiator cap

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
HKS super power flow air cleaner
FEED big throttle
FEED high response piping kit
FEED carbon intake manifold cover
FEED throttle adapter
FEED SONIC Ti titanium muffler

☆ drive relation ☆
FEED Twin Plate Clutch (OS Giken) O/H during engine production
FEED clutch big release
FEED Stainless mesh clutch line
OS Giken 5-speed cross transmission
MAZDA SPEED power plant frame
FEED differential mount
Type RS genuine 4.3 final

☆ brake relation ☆
ENDLESS Fr6POT brake caliper
ENDLESS Fr370Φ brake rotor
ENDLESS FrCCRg brake pad
ENDLESS Fr stainless mesh brake hose
ENDLESS RrCCRg brake pad
FEED Stainless mesh brake hose

☆ Suspension relation ☆
FEED PRO-F09 car harmonic kit 2014 full O/H specification change
HIPERCO Spring Fr17.9Kg Rr19.6Km
FEED full pillow kit
FEED tie rod end pillow
FEED stabilizer end pillow

☆ Chassis related ☆
FEED front member support
FEED front strut tower bar
FEED firm support
Cusco rear 3-point tower bar
FEED rear monocoque bar
FEED rear pillar bar
Opening spot reinforcement & urethane reinforcement

☆ Electrical related ☆
APEX Power FC Fujita current car setting Boost 1.1 Dynapack 493.2PS
HKS EVC6ir boost controller
APEX boost gauge
HKS water temperature gauge, fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge
PIVOT shift timing light
FEED HID light kit
FEED battery kill terminal

☆ wheel & tire relation ☆
ADVAN TC3 10.5J x 18+15
ADVAN A050 295-35-18

☆exterior relations☆
AFFLUX front cowl Ver2 type R
AFFLUX canard (upper + lower + wing end plate)
AFFLUX carbon under panel (front under diffuser)
AFFLUX front blister kit (25mm wide on one side)
FEED Fr fender inner processing 295-35 tire specifications
・Inner fender processing and cutting
・Frame interference part processing
AFFLUX carbon side step
AFFLUX GT-II carbon GT wing
AFFLUX carbon aero bonnet
AFFLUX rear blister fender (20mm wide on one side)
AFFLUX aero intake (right headline cover)
AFFLUX acrylic lens cover (front bumper combination light)
AFFLUX bumper embedded type fog kit
AFFLUX aero mirror
AFFLUX carbon tone doorknob
FEED HID light
Speed glass lightweight windshield

☆Interior relations☆
Bride Sieg full bucket seat
FEED seat rail for full bucket
FEED shift knob
NARDI steering wheel
Works bell quick release boss kit
RAZO accelerator pedal
Carrozzeria CD player

FEED battery kill switch
Braille lithium-ion battery