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Stock No.JZA80-Esprit production/3.1L & TO4Z turbine/750PS

☆ Prestigious ESPRIT! 3.1L & Surge & TO4Z! RIDOX wide approval! 6 POT! 750PS

221,857 KM


The car I will introduce this time is super rare! RIDOX Wide Body Supra Produced by the prestigious ESPRIT! 3.1L & TO4Z 750PS vehicles have arrived. Moreover, it is a popular model without VVTI.
The car has been lightly tuned for many years, and 20,000 km ago, at the same time as the E / G full overhaul, ESPRIT manufactured the 3.1L reinforced engine by manually balancing everything from the waist down. At the same time, the TO4Z turbine, larger surge tank, and original BIG throttle combine to create a very high power output.
In addition, the drive, cooling, braking, suspension, etc. are all well-balanced.
Not only the engine, but also the interior, exterior, body, etc. are very good cars,
It is a car that has been carefully ridden in the city without any circuit driving.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year: 1996
A car name: Supra
Grade: RZ
color white
Mileage: 221857KM
vehicle inspection: none
Repair date: none
Color: White
Spare key, VIPER security

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ engine relation ☆
20,000 km ago, 2011 engine overhaul & 3.1L engine production at ESPRIT
Cylinder block boring & honing processing
HKS 87Φ forged piston
Genuine connecting rod balancing
Genuine crankshaft balancing
Genuine parent and child metal
Engine block boring/surface polishing
Cylinder head precision overhaul set
Cylinder head surface polishing
valve alignment
HKS metal head gasket
HKS camshaft IN264 EX272
HKS cam pulley
HKS reinforced valve spring
ATI crank damper pulley
TRUST aluminum pulley kit
Engine head cover crystal coating

☆ Turbine related ☆
HKS TO4Z turbine
HKS Stainless exhaust manifold
HKS GT racing wastegate

☆ fuel related ☆
SARD 850cc injector x6
HKS fuel delivery line
SARD fuel regulator
TOMEI large capacity fuel pump (in-tank)
BOSCH fuel pump x2
ESPRIT original fuel collector tank
proliner fuel line

☆ Cooling ☆
HKS three-layer intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
TRUST oil cooler
SARD aluminum radiator
TRUST aluminum radiator line
TRUST radiator cap

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
HKS Super Power Flow
One-off suction pipe
ESPRIT original throttle
TRUST surge tank (crystal coating)
HKS front pipe
TRUST TI-R full titanium muffler

☆ Suspension relation ☆
HKS Hypermax IV car harmonic
ARC stabilizer

☆ Chassis related ☆
Cusco carbon shaft front tower bar
Cusco carbon shaft rear tower bar
SAFTY21 6-point dash penetration roll gauge

☆ drive relation ☆
EXEDY carbon twin plate clutch
EXEDY lightweight flywheel

☆ brake relation ☆
Endless 6-pot front brake caliper
ENDLESS front rotor
ENDLESS brake pads
ENDLESS Stainless mesh brake hose
RZ genuine rear large caliper
ENDLESS rear slit rotor

☆ wheel & tire relation ☆
RAYS VOLK TE37 SL 19 inch wheels
F: 9.5J+22
R: 10.5J + 12
F: 245/35-19
R: 295/30-19

☆ Electrical related ☆
HKS F-CON V-PRO gold Esprit matching actual car
HKS EVC5 boost controller
DEFI-LINK additional meter
・Boost gauge
・ LINK DISPLAY (water temperature, oil temperature, speed)

☆exterior relations☆
RIDOX front bumper
RIDOX front diffuser
RIDOX front wide fender
RIDOX side step
RIDOX rear over fender
JUN Aero bonnet
SARD carbon GT wing

☆Interior relations☆
Bride STRADIA-II REIMS semi-bucket seat driver's side
Bride XAX-II semi-bucket seat passenger side
NRG steering wheel
PRODRIVE floor mat
Panasonic HDD navigation CN-HDS965D
・CD/DVD/terrestrial digital/music server

Battery relocation in trunk
HID headlight
VIPER security system