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Stock No.Z33 - Limited to 300 units / 20,000km after installing new E/G M/T / Ver NISMO 380RS

Limited to 300 units! NISMO TYPE 380RS! Modification cost over 8 million! New E/G and M/T! New E/G & M/T! Intake, exhaust, drive, cooling, braking, BK! NISMO Omori & Nissan Prince Motorsports Office!

Version NISMO TYPE 380RS Limited to 300 units


The car that I will be introducing this time
The car that we will be introducing this time is the limited edition 300 units Fairlady Z version NISMO TYPE 380RS vehicle.
The car has a very high degree of perfection, with a total finish including intake and exhaust, drive, cooling, braking, body, suspension, etc. The car has been installed and maintained by NISMO Omori Factory and Nissan Prince Motorsports Office.
At the time of 66446km in 2015, a new engine complete and manual transmission were replaced, and at that time, the ECU unit, radiator, oil cooler, and clutch were all replaced.
In August 2021, the rear LSD was changed to ATS Carbon, the suspension to OHLINS DFV, and the muffler to NISMO Sports Titanium.
The muffler has been installed with NISMO Sports Titanium.
The cost of modifications and maintenance will exceed 8 million yen for this super special 380RS.
It is a car that can be enjoyed from the street to the circuit with peace of mind.

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Vehicle Information
Year 2007
Car Name Fairlady Z
Grade NISMO 380RS
Mileage 88099KM
No Repair
Inspection July 2022
Genuine Option 
Car Wing compatible navigation system, built-in ETC

New engine replaced at the Motor Sports Room on December 14, 2015 at 66446km.
Simultaneous replacement of mounts, hoses, belts, etc.
Special engine for version Nismo 380RS
Reinforced Crankshaft / Reinforced Connecting Rods
Forged aluminum pistons / Special oil jets
Special Profile Camshaft / Reinforced Valve Springs
Valve Spring Retainer
HKS Racing Plugs M40HL
ARC oil catch tank (both reserve and oil catch tank)
Power steering pump replacement at 77455km
At the same time, replace hoses, clips, etc.

Intake & Exhaust
HKS Super Hybrid Filter
Maxim Works Exhaust Manifold (at 66446km)
(Heat shielded and heat treated with Vantage)
MINE'S Super Catalyzer
NISMO Sports Titanium Muffler (Newly installed in August 2021)

NISMO radiator for 380RS replaced at 66446km
Fan motor replaced at the same time
NISMO Engine OIL Cooler
ARC Oil Element Mobile OIL Cooler
Omori Factory Original Air Conductor
ARC Diff Oil Cooler

Drive and Suspension
ATS Carbon LSD installed in August 2021
NISMO 3.917 final gear set
Newly replaced manual transmission at 66446km
NISMO Copper Mix Twin Clutch at 66446km
Clutch master cylinder replaced at the same time
Newly installed OHLINS DFV Dampers KIT (August 2021)
NISMO strengthened long hub bolts

Suspension bushings installed at Omori Factory at 33645km
Front upper arms for NM35 Stagea
NISMO Front Upper Link Bushings
NISMO Front Trans Bar Link Bushing
NISMO rear front lower link bushings
NISMO rear lower link bushings
NISMO Rear Upper Arm Bushing
NISMO Rear Radius Rod Bushing (Axle side)
NISMO rear radius rod bushing (body side)
NISMO rear front lower link bush
Rear member area bush replacement
Stock differential member mount bushing
Stock differential mount insulator (right and left)
Stock upper diff mount stopper (right and left)
Stock front hub assembly (right and left)
Stock Right and left rear hub overhaul
Hub bearing
Hub seal
OHLINS DFV Dampers KIT (Newly installed in August 2021)

Brakes O/H performed at 65477km in August, 2014
ENDLESS 355mm E Slit Rotor
ENDLESS RACING 4POT system inch-up KIT
ENDLESS 332mm curved slit rotors

CUSCO SAFETY21 through-dash 6-point roll bar installed at Omori Factory
CUSCO Optional side bars
380RS YAMAHA Performance Dampers (front and rear)
380RS Front pillar and roof joint weld area added
380RS Rear tower bar joint and reinforcement panel added

Computer related
New computer for 380RS at 66446km
NISMO Sports Resetting

ARC Super Multi Temp Controller
Additional oil temperature sensor for ARC SMTC

Long nose front bumper for 380RS 
Side shell protector for 380RS
Rear Bumper for 380RS
380RS Front/Rear Fender Moldings
MCR Aero Bonnet (Aero Catch)
MCR 380RS Rear Wing
ESPRIT FRP Light Weight Rear Gate (Rear Wiperless)
AUTO STAFF Front Tow Hook
AUTO STAFF Rear Tow Hook

Tires & Wheels
RAYS VR-G2 Fr 9.5J×18+22 Rr 10.5J×19+20
ADVAN NEOVA AD08R Fr 245-40-18 Rr 275-35-19 

380RS exclusive leather-wrapped parking lever
Aluminum accelerator pedal for NISMO version
One-off aluminum footrest
RECARO RS-G ASM Limited (left and right)
 Leather & Perforated Alcantara 
MOMO MOD.88 Buckskin Steering Wheel (Newly installed in August 2021)
Rafix Quick Release Boss installed in August 2021
NISMO Shift Knob
RSW Carbon Fiber Window Switch Panel
4×4 Full Seg terrestrial digital tuner, new installation in August, 2021
Data System TV-KIT, new installation in August, 2021
SUPER CAT LS710 radar, new installation in August 2021
Constant monitor for rear view camera