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Stock No.ECR32-TOMMY KAIRA M30/20 production units/Complete new car

☆Rare!TOMMY KAIRA M30 new car complete!Exclusive aero!Meter!Muffler!Vehicle harmonics!ECU!

TOMMY KAIRA M30 new car complete
41,909 KM
Black M


The car I will introduce this time is rare! Only 20 cars were produced and are introducing the final car No. 20 Tommy Kaira M30.
The combination of RB30 block, 6 head throttles for 26 and custom-made exhaust manifold makes the 3030cc engine produce a high pitched and unique sound that is as good as the S20 engine sound. is.
It has a low mileage, excellent body, excellent engine condition and excellent interior and exterior condition.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1995 model
Car name: TOMMY KAIRA M30 new car complete
Mileage: 41,909 KM
Color: Black M
No repair history
Vehicle inspection: April 2024

Engine related
TOMMY KAIRA M30 complete engine
RB30 cylinder block
RB26 cylinder head
RB26 6-slot throttle
Dedicated exhaust manifold (made by Barnacle)
Original intake chamber
Original air cleaner box

Exhaust related
TOMMY KAIRA front pipe
TOMMY KAIRA rear muffler

Cooling related
DRL aluminum radiator
TOMMY KAIRA radiator cap

Driveline and undercarriage
TOMMY KAIRA exclusive car harmonic
5 speed manual transmission

Brake related
Front R33GTR Brembo 4POT caliper
Rear 2POT brake caliper

Body related
Tomita Yume Factory original 5-point roll cage (authorized for two passengers)

Instrument related
300KM full scale meter for TOMMY KAIRA (installed when new)
TOMMY KAIRA exclusive triple meter (oil temperature, outside temperature, voltage)

Computer related
TOMMY KAIRA M30 dedicated ECU

Exterior related
TOMMY KAIRA front spoiler
TOMMY KAIRA 17 inch aluminum hole

Interior relations
TOMMYKIRA Recaro seat
sabert seat belt
TOMMY KAIRA aluminum shift knob
TOMMY KAIRA floor mats
OMP deep cone alcantara steering
SONY CD audio