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Stock No.ER34 2.5GT-T genuine 5-speed MT/5855G turbine LINK control/made by Farina Racers

☆1999 ER34 Skyline 2.5GT-T! Genuine 5-speed! LINK G4X Xtreme & Trigger Kit & Electric Throttle! 500km since Farina Racers built!

2.5GT-T genuine 5-speed
69,229 KM 
6,980,000 YEN


The car we will introduce this time is a 1999 ER34 Skyline 2.5GT-T.
The car was purchased in August 2022 as a lightly tuned vehicle with 68,700 km on the clock. It was rebuilt by Farina Racers with all new parts including the camshafts, turbine, cooling system, suspension, brakes and exterior parts. It has only been driven about 500 km since completion.
The control system is controlled by LINK G4X Xtreme with a trigger kit and the throttle has been upgraded to an electric throttle.
The chassis has also been refreshed with new engine member, rear member and the arms have been changed to NISMO arms. The brakes have also been replaced with F50 and BCNR33 rear BREMBO, making this a very attractive car.

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Vehicle Information
Model year: 1999
Model name: Skyline Coupe
Grade: 2.5GT-T, genuine 5-speed
Color: White
Mileage: 69,229 KM
Repairs: None
Maintenance book, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main key

Engine related
Yelsha-D, RB20, RB25, RB26 cam sensor-24-1 trigger kit
HKS reinforced timing belt
TOMEI POM Cam B IN/EX 260° 9.15mm camshaft
Water pump and thermostat replacement
MAZDA RX-8 electric throttle
Large capacity surge tank for single throttle (electric throttle processing)
ARD 150A reinforced alternator

Turbo related
TURBO SMART wastegate
6BOOST exhaust manifold (G coupling processing)

Fuel related
Aluminum fuel delivery pipe (surge tank set)
R35GT-R genuine 600cc fuel injector
BNR34GT-R genuine fuel pump in-tank
Additional large capacity fuel pump in-tank

Intake and exhaust related
HPI Mega Max air cleaner
Aluminum intake and suction pipe production
Front pipe one-off production Vantage installation
HKS Super turbo muffler processing and installation for BNR34GT-R

Cooling related
HPI Multi Flow Radiator EVOLVE Side tank type
Aluminum air reservoir tank
Silicone radiator hose
HPI 3-layer intercooler for GT-R
Intercooler piping production
Electric fan LINK control & forced switch

Body & suspension related
BLITZ Front tower bar
BLITZ ZZ-R coilover kit
Nissan genuine new front engine member replacement
Nissan genuine new rear member replacement
CUSCO front upper link
NISMO suspension link (Front transbar link)
NISMO suspension link (Rear A-arm)
NISMO suspension link (Rear upper link front side)
NISMO rear upper link set Pro. rear side
NISMO Front & Rear stabilizer set
ATTAIN high cast canceller

BREMBO F50 Front brake caliper
Nissan genuine V36 Front 355Φ rotor
BREMBO R33GT-R Rear caliper
Nissan genuine V36 Rear 350Φ rotor
ENDLESS Stainless steel mesh brake line
ENDLESS brake pad
CUSCO Brake master cylinder stopper

Controller & CPU
LINK G4X Xtreme Computer (MAP & A/T Sensor)
LINK Boost Control 3 Channel
LINK Boost Solenoid KIT

Exterior related
Nissan genuine option Altia front bumper
Nissan genuine option Altia side step
Nissan genuine option Altia rear bumper
Engine under cover, new liner installed
RAYS VOLKRACING NE24 Front 18X8.5J +35 Rear 18X9J +45
Front 225/40R18 Rear 255/35R18

Interior related
RECARO SR7 Left and right seats
Panasonic RZ720 Easy Navi DVD Bluetooth Digital TV
Speedometer Inner carbon panel