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Stock No.Lancer RS Evolution V / 1 owner / 27000km

This is a rare Lancer RS Evolution V, 1 owner, no hard driving, indoor storage, superb car!

RS Evolution V


This time, I'd like to introduce you to a car.
Rare car! Lancer RS Evolution 5 1 owner, actual running,27384KM, indoor storage, no hard running, excellent condition vehicle.
This is a very rare car that has been maintained and enjoyed by many people since it was new, and has not been used in any competitions.
It is a very rare car.
It is a very rare car that is mainly used for street driving and has never been used for competitions.

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Vehicle Information
Year 1998
Car name: LANCER
Grade RS Evolution V
Color White
mileage 27384km
No Repair
No inspection
Complete with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, manual, spare key.
1 owner vehicle

Maintenance history
July 4, 1998 618km
June 6, 2002 12511KM
May 24, 2004 15...KM Unreadable
May 22, 2006 17816KM
April 26, 2007 18791KM
June 7, 2008 19711KM
June 5, 2010 20809KM
June 3, 2012 24442KM
May 27, 2014 26319KM
June 4, 2016 26800KM
June 1, 2008 27151KM

Manufacturer's OP at time of new car purchase
Super cross gear LoW, final reduction ratio 4.875
BRENBO brakes, 17-inch alloy wheels
Factory added equipment Projector headlight modification
RALLY ART reinforced engine mount
RALLY ART Reinforced Transmission Mount

External Parts List
OPTIMA Dry Battery
OHLINS FLAG-R Separate Tank Type Ride Height Adjustment Kit (stock) O/H in April 2021
SAMCO Silicone Radiator Hose
SAMCO Low Temp Thermostat 75
CUSCO Strengthened clutch (stock)
ATS Fr mechanical LSD 
Stock Rr mechanical 1.5way LSD
ENDLESS CCg Brake Pads
ENDLESS Stainless Steel Mesh Brake Pads
POTENZA RE11A 225-45-17