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Stock No.NA1-5 speed MT/front and rear wide body/measured 289PS

☆ SPL! NSX5 speed! Front and rear WIDE! TODA3.1L specification! 92Φ Forged Piston & OIL/P & Oyako Metal & JUN Cam & OIL Pan! STOP TECHBK before and after! V-PRO! Dyno 289PS

Custom Made
182,612 KM
Formula Red


The car we'll be introducing this time is a 1992 Honda NSX genuine 5-speed TODA 3.1L & V-PRO & front and rear brakes! Introducing the WIDE specification.
The car was purchased in 2011 as a used car with 150,000 km of kilometers, and has been refreshed and tuned in terms of the engine, undercarriage, drive, braking, cooling, interior and exterior details. As for the main body of the engine, it is completely processed by the prestigious TODA Racing, and it is an engine that has been assembled by precision hand assembly, and has been firmly incorporated with reinforced parts.
In addition, the drive system, undercarriage, and other electrical components have been constantly maintained while driving, and almost all parts have been refreshed and replaced.
The setting was reset by Duke Fukui at the end of 2014 with V-PRO 3.4, and the dyno pack has improved power and torque to 289.3PS compared to normal.
The more you ride it, the more you feel it's a wonderful finish, and it's a safe and recommended vehicle that all owners have carefully ridden in indoor storage.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year 1992
Car name NSX
Grade custom made
Travel 182612KM
color red
No repair
Vehicle inspection June 2019
Clifford Security G5
Security remote control x 2
Spare key x 3 Titanium key x 1

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ Engine related ☆ February 2014 engine full overhaul
New cylinder block
・TODA dummy head boring
・ TODA Reinforced OIL pump
・TODA 92Φ 3111cc specification forged piston
・TODA Conrod full flow processing
TODA crankshaft dynamic shaft balance
・TODA parent-child metal exchange
TODA cylinder head
・Combustion chamber volume matching & mirror surface processing
・New valve guide replacement
・ TODA valve polishing & valve rubbing
・TODA valve seat cut set
・ TODA Reinforced valve spring
・TODA head metal gasket
・TODA reinforced timing belt
・JUN high camshaft
・JUN slide cam sprocket
NAPREC big throttle processing
RFY upgrade oil pan
Genuine new water pump and adjuster pulley
TYPE-R Total of 4 genuine engine mounts

☆ Intake and exhaust related ☆
KSP engineering stainless steel exhaust manifold
RFY Ve1 single tail variable valve muffler
SARD metal catalyzer
Gruppe M air cleaner duct

☆ Cooling ☆
KOYO aluminum radiator
SAMCO Silicon hose SET
RFY Oil catch & reserve tank
Aluminum radiator Wind duct
NSX CLUB engine hood

☆ drive and suspension ☆
Genuine 5-speed M/T overhauled
ATS carbon twin reinforced clutch
ATS 4.4 final gear

☆ brake relation ☆
STOP TECH THOPHY Fr4POT brake caliper
STOP TECH 328Φ Fr brake rotor
STOP TECH THOPHY Rr4POT brake caliper
STOP TECH 328Φ Fr brake rotor
STOP TECH Stainless mesh brake hose
Late stage ABS transplant
RFY ABS conversion harness KIT

☆ body related ☆
SPOON rigid color
RFY solid bar

☆ control ☆
HKS F-CON V-PRO Ver3.4 Duke Fukui current car setting
Dynopack TCF1.00 289PS

☆ instrument relation ☆
Defi Dingage Meter
・Water temperature gauge
・Oil temperature gauge
・Hydraulic gauge

☆ Exterior related ☆
02y TYPE-R specification front bumper & lip spoiler
02y TYPE-R specification bonnet
02yTYPE-R genuine lip spoiler
02y Fixed headlight BELLOF HID
02y Rear tail lamp
Marga Hills front wide fender modified additional wide processing
Marga Hills rear wide fender
ADVANCE side step
ADVANCE rear side cowl
SORCERY carbon GT wing
carbon pillar

☆ tire wheel relation ☆
BBS LM Fr7.5J×17+38 Rr9.5J×18+38
DUNLOP DIREZZA Z供 Fr215-40-17 Rr265-35-18

☆Interior relations☆
MOMO spider steering
RECARO limited to 2000 RAPTOR seats left and right
Carrozzeria VH9990 cyber navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD
Assura AR-G6S Radar

June 2015 Alternator rebuilt exchange
April 27 Air conditioner compressor rebuilt replacement
February 2016 Window regulator left and right assembly replacement
・Wind rail assembly replacement