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Stock No.CT9A-Kansai tune/HKS cam & intake/exhaust drive cooling/400PS

☆ 2006 Lancer GSR EVO9! Kansai tune! HKS cam & intake/exhaust drive cooling total tune! Full maintenance! Excellent condition! Over 400PS

GSR Evolution 9
98,682 KM


The car I would like to introduce this time is Kansai service tuning! Lancer GSR Evolution This is an introduction to the current car setting vehicle with intake/exhaust drive cooling total tune boost up.
Since you purchased a Mitsubishi dealer's exhibition car as a new car at the time of running 12 km, you will be the real owner.
The car has been tuned by Kansai Service Co., Ltd., and all the usual maintenance is done at the dealer, so it is a recommended car in excellent condition.
Institutional relations, of course, the interior and exterior are very clean cars.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □
Year: 2006
Car name: Lancer Evolution
Grade GSR Evolution 9
color white
Mileage 98682KM July 7, 2006 12KM meter replacement Current meter 98670KM
There is Mitsubishi dealer exchange record
No repair
Vehicle inspection February 2020
Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, keyless key & spare key manual

□ ☆★☆ maintenance history ☆★☆ □
Maintenance history (All mileage below plus 12km)
August 6, 2006 1011 KM
July 15, 2007 8714 KM
February 3, 2008 12322 KM
February 3, 2009 18291 KM
February 7, 2010 23251 KM
August 28, 2011 31717 KM
February 19, 2012 35837 KM
August 5, 2012 38246 KM
August 23, 2013 47701 KM
February 9, 2014 51955 KM
June 15, 2014 55214 KM
July 21, 2014 56001 KM
July 12, 2015 64562 KM
February 15, 2016 67564 KM
August 21, 2016 70841 KM
April 22, 2018 77595 KM
February 19, 2019 76912 KM
January 22, 2020 87743 KM
July 12, 2020 90161 KM
February 5, 2020 98053 KM

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □
engine relation
HKS EX278° camshaft lift 11.0mm
HKS IN272° camshaft lift 10.8mm
HKS reinforced timing belt
HKS slide cam pulley
HKS reinforced valve spring
HKS M40iL plug
ARC titanium exhaust manifold heat shield

fuel related
Kansai service fuel pump

Cooling related
HPI aluminum radiator July 2020
BILLION low temperature thermostat 71°C
HKS intercooler piping kit

intake and exhaust
HKS racing suction reloaded
Kansai service SUS front pipe
HKS metal catalyzer
HKS silent high power muffler

drive and undercarriage
CUSCO TYPE-RS Fr1WAY LSD December 2019
EXEDY carbon D twin plate clutch December 2019
Genuine clutch release bearing replacement December 2019
HKS Hypermax IV GT vehicle harmonic drive 2015 OH
    Front upper pillow conversion during OH
Kansai service sports spring Fr 10k Rr 9k

body reinforcement
Kansai Service Front Tower Bar
Kansai service rear tower bar
SPOON rigid color front
SPOON rigid color rear

Instrument related
RALLI ART 300KM full scale meter
Monster pillar meter hood 60Φ x 2 types
Defi link meter type BF boost gauge oil temperature gauge

Controller & CPU
Kansai Service ECU
Kansai service current car setting
HKS EVC5 boost controller
HKS turbo timer

brake related
DIXCEL F&R slit rotor
ENDLESS brake pads
ENDLESS brake line system

Exterior related
RALLI ART carbon lip spoiler

tire & wheel
ADVAN NEOVA AD08R 255-40-18
RAYS CE28N 8.5J x 18 + 30

Interior relations
RALLY ART shift knob
Kansai service low position seat rail
ALPINE VIE-X0758 navigation/terrestrial digital full segment