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Stock No.Produced by AP2-J’s RACING/Total Tune/New Imola Orange Pearl

☆ Rare! AP2 S2000 2.2L! Produced by J`S RACING! Outstanding perfection! Total tuning of intake/exhaust, drive, cooling, body, suspension, etc.! Imola Orange!

54,857 KM
New Imola Orange Pearl


The car we would like to introduce this time is the rare AP2 premium order color New Imola Orange Pearl! Introducing the full complete vehicle produced by J`S Racing.
The car has a 2.2L engine, and all other parts related to the engine, cooling, undercarriage, drive and braking were completed by J`S Racing.
It is a car that has been finished with feedback such as S2000 technology, original parts and SETUP cultivated through numerous race experiences.
In addition, it has a lot of maintenance history, and it is a recommended vehicle in excellent condition that can be used immediately for circuit and sports driving.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year: 2006
Car name: S2000
Grade: Standard car
Mileage: 54857km
Vehicle inspection: May 2019
Color: Premium order color New Imola Orange Pearl
Warranty, record book, manual, genuine keyless

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ engine relation ☆
J'S RACING reinforced engine mount
J'S RACING SPL oil pan
J'S RACING oil catch tank
J'S RACING magnet drain bolt
J'S RACING Oil filter stopper
Genuine intake air temperature sensor new replacement
genuine O2 sensor new goods exchange
genuine oil pressure sensor new goods exchange

☆ Cooling ☆
J'S RACING aluminum SPL radiator RR
J'S RACING silicone coolant hose
J'S RACING carbon cooling plate
J'S RACING low temperature thermo switch
J'S RACING SPL low temperature thermostat

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
J'S RACING Tsuchinoko Air Intake for TYPE-S
J'S RACING SPL Big Throttle
J'S RACING SPL stainless steel exhaust manifold (Vantage specification)
J'S RACING full titanium muffler 70RS
J'S RACING muffler bush set single

☆ Suspension relation ☆
J'S RACING SPL S resistant specification vehicle harmonic
J'S RACING SWIFT spring 16k
J'S RACING Front roll center adjuster plate L2
J'S RACING rear roll center adjuster 30mm
J'S RACING Pillow tie rod end
J'S RACING pyrrolia control arm
J'S RACING steering rigid color
J'S RACING rear stabilizer reinforced bush
J'S RACING pillow bush

☆ Chassis related ☆
SAFTY21 chromoly 7-point roll gauge
J'S RACING engine torque damper & tower bar (with dedicated heat shield)
J'S RACING reinforced upper arm gusset plate
J'S RACING side inner brace

☆ drive relation ☆
J'S RACING EXEDY lightweight fly reel
J'S RACING stainless steel mesh clutch line
J'S RACING reinforced engine mount clutch release cylinder
J'S RACING drive shaft spacer
J'S RACING high frequency rear hub ASSY
J'S RACING reinforced differential mount

☆ brake relation ☆
Front genuine caliper new item replacement & rear caliper OH
Brake shop N1-500R brake pad
J'S RACING FCR front slit rotor
J'S RACING FCR rear slit rotor
J'S RACING Stainless mesh brake hose
ABS sensor brand new replacement

☆ wheel & tire relation ☆
ADVAN RACING RZ-II 17 inch 9J+63 wheels
TOYO PROXES R1R 255/40-17 tires

☆ Electrical related ☆
J'S RACING hyper ECU matching the current car

☆exterior relations☆
J'S RACING TYPE-S front bumper
J'S RACING carbon front under wing
J'S RACING bumper canard
J'S RACING brake cooling duct
J'S RACING carbon bonnet type V
J'S RACING 3D carbon GT wing S-resistant type
J'S RACING GT wing back rib carbon reinforcement plate

☆Interior relations☆
RECARO RS-G bucket seat (driver's seat)
TAKATA 4 point harness
Genuine CD & MD player