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Stock No.CZ4A-EVO10 5-speed MT/TODA 2.3L certified 550PS/HKS GT3240 & V-CAM

☆ Ultimate perfection! EVO10 GSR 5 speed! TODA 2.3L certified & head full processing with V-CAM KIT, GT3240 & V-PRO! Interior and exterior full refresh 3 million yen! 550PS!

GSR Evolution 10
28,944 KM
Pearl White


The car that I will introduced this time is a full complete product made by Randuce, including the engine, drive, cooling, and braking, and is certified as a 2.3L! The power is 550PS!
Along with the engine, it is a car that has been totally tuned for suspension, driveline and braking.
In addition to the full final ED specification in August 2022, the exterior was painted from phantom black to pearl white. Bumpers, fenders, bonnet, lights, tail lights, genuine option aero parts have all been replaced. At the same time, the wheels, tires and interior are all new such as door panels, shift panels, steering, and other details.
It has just been finished with a total cost of about 3 million yen for the interior and exterior alone and it is a highly recommended vehicle with only 700km after production.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □
Year: 2007
Car name: Lancer Evolution
Grade: GSR 5 speed
Color: White Pearl Final ED specification
Mileage: 28,944 KM
No repair history
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, keyless spare key

□ ☆★☆ Car modification details ☆★☆ □
Engine related
・TODA forged 86Φ piston KIT
・SPL crankshaft (long stroke, high-precision balance processed)
・I-beam connecting rod (full floating type with BUSH, fully balanced)
・Connecting rod metal (reinforced black metal)
Head-related, fully processed by TODA, complete set of ports, combustion chambers, valve polishing, etc.
HKS V-CAM IN256 EX248 camshaft
HKS SQ blow off valve
Cusco aluminum oil catch tank

Turbine related
HKS GT3240 full turbine KIT
HKS exhaust manifold
HKS GT2 wastegate
HKS front pipe

Fuel related
SARD fuel pump
HKS 800cc injector
HKS fuel delivery pipe
SARD fuel regulator

Cooling related
HKS TYPE-R intercooler
HKS intercooler piping kit
HKS oil cooler
HKS low temperature thermostat
Blitz aluminum radiator
silicon radiator hose

Intake and exhaust related
HKS suction pipe
HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded
SARD sports catalyzer
Kakimoto Kai Regu.06 & R rear muffler

Driveline and undercarriage related
HKS LA clutch twin
CUSCO Front and Rear LSD
HKS Hyper MAX IV SP coilover KIT Newly installed
CUSCO Front and Rear reinforced stabilizer

Body related
Body & arms (fully replaced with RALLY ART)

Brake related
Original Runduce Brake KIT
Front MONO 8POT caliper
Front 380Φ brake rotor
Rear MONO 6POT caliper
Rear 356Φ brake rotor
Front and Rear stainless mesh brake line

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC5 boost controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Original Runduce current car setting 550PS
HKS V-CAM controller
Pivot throttle controller

Exterior related (August 2020)
Genuine final ED pearl two-tone all paint from genuine Phantom Black
Genuine front colored bumper (new item)
Genuine bonnet hood (new item)
Genuine front fender (new item)
Genuine OP high performance side step (new item)
Genuine OP new high performance rear mudguard installed
Genuine rear colored bumper (new item)
Genuine headlamp left and right (new item)
Genuine trunk & rear wing (used and repainted)
Genuine late rear tail lamp (new item)
Genuine rear high mount lamp (new item)
Genuine weather strip for all 4 doors (new item)
Genuine windshield replacement                                                                   
When all is painted, all glass moldings are installed with new
Genuine door visor (new item)
CHARGESPEED bottom line carbon lip (new item)
VARIS rear under carbon diffuser re-clear paint
DAMDO rear wing side garnish (new item)
DAMDO rear wing gurney flap (new item)
SIGMA SPEED carbon air intake (new item)
Carbon pillar garnish (new item)

Tire & wheel
POTENZA RE71RS 275/30R-19 (new)
Enkei RS05RR 19x10J (new)

Interior related
Genuine front left and right door lining (new item)
Genuine center console (new item)
Genuine shift panel (new item)
Steering with genuine airbag (new item)
Genuine steering column (new item)
Genuine shift boot (new item)
Genuine air conditioner panel (new item)                                                                      
Genuine dashboard center molding (new item)
RECARO SR6 GK100S reclining seat left and right (new items)
RALLI ART floor mat (new item)
RALLY ART carbon shift knob (new item)
KENWOOD MDV-D709BT navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD (new item)
YUPITERU drive recorder
DEPO RACING water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge
MONSTER Pillar Meter Hood
AUTO GAGE boost gauge