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Stock No.CT9A-EVO 9 MR / Manufactured by HRS / Mr. Takizawa current car setting over 500PS

☆Rare! 2006 Lancer GSR EVO 9 MR! 2 owner! Manufactured by HRS at 8,000 KM! 2.2L & GT3037S! Over 500PS!

29,800 KM


The car that I will introduce this time is a rare final model Lancer GSR Evolution 9 MR. 2 Owners and 29,000 KM! 2.2L produced by GarageHRS & GT3037S. We have received a car with over 500PS after production.
The car was finished from a full normal car by HRS who is familiar with CyberEvo at about 8,000 km.
The engine is a 2.2L and everything related to the head has been processed and assembled. It is a very high-quality car that has been finished with attention to detail such as fuel, driveline, suspension and cooling.
In addition, Mr. Takizawa worked on the setting of the car and it is a car that exceeds 500PS .
The appearance is very subtle, but once you get in it, you will be surprised by its strong acceleration and good maneuverability.
We will describe the details of the car and the details of the modification in order below, so please be patient with us until the end.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2006
Car name: Lancer Evolution
Grade: GSR 9 MR
Mileage: 29,800 KM
No repair history
No vehicle inspection
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, manual, spare key, keyless
2 owner vehicle

Engine related (Constructed at 8,000 km )
POWER ENTERPRISE 4G63 2.2L Super Stroker KIT
(Displacement 2,184CC Bore 88.0 Φ Stroke 94.0 )
・Full counter forged machined crankshaft
・H section connecting rod
・Carving forged piston SET
Cylinder block boring and honing
POWER ENTERPRISE F1 black metal bearings
POWER ENTERPRISE metal head gasket
ARP reinforced head bolts
TOMEI reinforced valve spring
TOMEI camshaft
TOMEI adjustable cam sprocket
Cylinder head
・Corrective surface polishing
・Valve seat cut and set length adjustment
・IN/EX port polishing
・Combustion chamber capacity matching
POWER ENTERPRISE reinforced timing belt
POWER ENTERPRISE Reinforced Balancer Belt
HRS racing surge tank
HRS big throttle
POWER ENTERPRISE Super Kevlar V -belt
RALLY ART Reinforced Engine Mount SET

Turbine related
HKS GT3037S Special Full Turbine KIT
・Exhaust manifold with special order extra-thick 3mm stainless steel heat shield plate (2022.9.new )
・HKS Racing Wastegate
・HKS front pipe

Fuel related
DENSO 1000cc fuel injector
TOMEI fuel delivery pipe
RUN-MAX adjustable fuel regulator
SARD fuel collector tank
SARD 265L/h fuel pump x 2
Fuel pump power harness processing (direct specification)
Proliner fuel pipe production

Cooling related
TABATA double R all aluminum radiator
TABATA aluminum air separator tank
SAMCO Silicon Hose SET
HRS original aluminum water line
HKS additional oil cooler KIT
HRS super intercooler
HRS intercooler piping KIT

Intake and exhaust related
HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
HRS original aluminum induction box
HKS 100 Φ airless suction pipe
HRS full titanium muffler
A'PEXi exhaust control valve (muffler sound adjustable from inside the car)

Driveline related
ATS Carbon Fr LSD

Suspension related
TEIN SUPER RACING coilover (separate rear tank type)
TEIN EDFC × 2 (rebound side/rebound side)
RALLY ART Front lower arm reinforced bush
RALLY ART toe control arm reinforced bush
RALLY ART rear lower arm reinforced bush
RALLY ART rear upper arm reinforcement bush
RALLY ART rear trading arm reinforced bush
CUSCO 3 -stage adjustable rear stabilizer

Body related
CUSCO chromoly 6 -point roll bar
CUSCO center pillar stop plate
Car Station Marche Super Shinkin-kun
All aluminum rear tower bar

Brake related
PFC Front 2 piece brake rotor
Rear slot rotor
HRS racing stainless mesh brake line
PFC brake pads
Genuine OP Fr brake cooling baffle plate
RALLY ART master cylinder stopper

Electrical equipment
ULTRA MDI Conversion KIT
Relocated to OKUYAMA aluminum battery box trunk
Controller & CPU
HKS EVC5 Boost Controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Cyber &#8203;&#8203;Evo Mr. Takizawa's current car setting
HKS Super Wide Range Pressure Sensor SET
CYBER EVO ACD Controller
HKS valve timing controller

Instrument related
Defi Link Meter BF
・Boost gauge
・Water temperature gauge
・Oil temperature gauge
・Hydraulic gauge

Exterior related
Genuine OP front lip spoiler
VOLK RACING RE30 Front 17x9.5J+28 Rear 17x9.5J+35
RALLY ART muffler heat protector

Interior related
BRIDE GIAS II semi-bucket seat
Carrozzeria Cyber &#8203;&#8203;HDD Navi/ ETC