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Stock No.CT9A-EVO8MR/G-FORCE Complete PRO 2.2L engine/500PS

☆G-FORCE Complete PRO 2.2L Engine! GTX3076R gen2 Turbine & V-CAM Over 500PS! VOLTEX & VARIS Aero WIDE Specifications!

GSR Evolution 8MR
89,189 KM


The car I will introduce this time is over 500PS measured! G-Force complete PRO 2.2L engine, GTX3076R gen2 turbine, V-CAM STEP PRO and 4G63 tune. We are introducing a high-level tuned vehicle.
It is a car that has just been newly manufactured by G-Force at 75,000 km.
It is a WIDE specification that combines VOLTEX and VARIS with the exterior EVO9 specification. It is a total tune vehicle such as engine, exterior and interior.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2004
A car name: Lancer
Grade: GSR Evolution 8MR
Mileage: 89,189 km
Vehicle inspection: none
Repair: None
HDD navigation and ETC equipment
Warranty, record book, manual, genuine keyless

☆ Engine related ☆
Overhaul at 74,977 KM; new production
G/force complete engine PRO 2.2L
Lower disassembly/assembly
 Block upper surface correction polishing
 Dummy head cylinder boring
 Cylinder chamfer
 Block deburring
 Bolt cleaning/correction
 Piston ring joint
Crank metal matching
 Conrod metal matching
 Head disassembly/assembly
 Valve rubbing
 Cylinder block processing
 Port Step Correction
Forged piston
 Overhaul gasket
piston ring
 Conrod bearing
 Thrust metal
"Balancer removal
Evo 9 timing belt
"Timing belt tensioner
"Timing belt idler pulley
 Metal head gasket
 H section connecting rod
 Reinforced connecting rod bolt
Forged full counter crankshaft
HKS Vcam
HKS high cam
HKS reinforced valve spring
APR reinforced head bolt
Head cover crystal paint (Ferrari red)
ENDLESS aluminum surge tank
OKUYAMA oil catch tank
K&P stainless mesh oil filter
Genuine modified big throttle valve
Genuine engine mount for RS
IGNITION PROJECTS IP quad pack (4 independent ignition ignition coils)
・Power coil
・Power igniter
・Coil bracket
・Bolt set
・Dedicated harness
RH9 high power alternator 125A
SARD oil catch tank
HKS oil filler cap

☆ Turbine related ☆
GCG Garrett GTX3076R gen2 new product at 75,000km
G/force 3mm thick exhaust manifold
Unlimited works heat shield
HKS waste gate
HKS front pipe

☆ Fuel related ☆
Injector Dynamics 1050cc injector
Aeromotive 340L/h fuel pump

☆ Cooling related ☆
DRL aluminum radiator
TRUST aluminum radiator hose (upper)
Charge speed radiator hose (lower)
carbon radiator cooling panel
HKS genuine replacement oil cooler
HKS additional oil cooler KIT
HKS type R intercooler
Intercooler full piping

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
G/force one-off air cleaner box
One-off suction pipe (airless)
HKS blow-off SQV4
G/force x SARD metal catalyzer
G/force one-off full titanium muffler

☆ Suspension related ☆
OHLINS FLAG-L separate tank harmonic drive (AZUL Super Ohlins OH)
HYPERCO springs (front 14kg, rear 12kg)
Cusco front and rear reinforced stabilizer
Kansai Service Roll Center Adjuster
Kansai service long tie rod end
G/force front high caster pillow ball

☆ Chassis related ☆
OKUYAMA steel front tower bar (with master cylinder stopper)
OKUYAMA steel rear tower bar
OKUYAMA lower arm bar front type 2
J SPEED Super Shinkin-kun
J SPEED Member Shinkin-kun
Cusco power brace front member
Cusco rear trunk bar
Ultra racing side lower bar
Ultra racing room bar
OKUYAMA rear towing hook (rear traction)

☆ Driveline related ☆
EXEDY carbon D twin plate clutch
Cusco front 1-way LSD
LAILE Reinforced AYC mount
G/force shift control color
Fujimura Auto Reinforced Shift Color Kachit-kun

☆ Brake related ☆
D2 racing front 6pot forged monoblock caliber brake kit
356mm floating & slit 2-piece rotor
D2 racing rear 4pot forged monoblock caliber brake kit
330mm rigid & slit 3-piece rotor
D2 racing brake pad RACE
D2 racing stainless mesh brake line
Project μ sports inner shoe (side brake)
Jspeed brake cooling deflector kit

☆ Controller & CPU ☆
HKS V-Pro ver.3.3 (Garage G/force current car setting)
Do-Luck Digital Torque Manager 2
Genuine Super AYC ECU for Evo 9MR

☆ Electrical equipment ☆
MEGA/LiFe dry battery MR-19

☆ Instrument related ☆
water temperature
Oil temperature
Exhaust temperature
Defi BF boost gauge
monster sport pillar meter hood
Autometer LED shift lamp

☆ Exterior related ☆
Genuine Evo 9MR front bumper
VOLTEX front half spoiler
Giara carbon bonnet (one-off & separate painting)
VARIS bonnet damper (carbon)
Fire sport front over fender type 1 (one-off processing)
VALDI SPORT super side step (one-off processing)
GANADOR super mirror
Genuine OP door visor
Genuine OP vortex generator
RALLIART short antenna (black)
Kansai service high mount rear wing
Toyoshima Craft twill weave carbon rear wing
Do-Luck carbon aero trunk (coating process)
M Technic original rear bumper & diffuser
VARIS carbon heat shield
carmate low beam: genuine replacement HID DUALX2 6500K
High beam: HID conversion 6500K
Position: 6500K
Back lamp: 6500K
License: 6500K
LED high mount stop lamp

☆ Wheel & tire related ☆
RAYS VOLK RACING CE28SL Front: 18x9.5J +22 Rear: 18x9.5J +35
BS POTENZA RE-71RS 275/35R18
Kyo-ei Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (lock nut)

☆ Interior related ☆
Kansai service refresh bar (7-point roll cage)
Kansai service floor mats
Nardi Steering GARA3 SPORT TYPE B
NRG quick release carbon thin
Genuine OP aluminum pedal
Genuine OP aluminum footrest
Genuine OP carbon meter panel
OKUYAMA aluminum passenger plate
RECARO driver's seat: RS-G ASM
Passenger seat: SR-6 ASM
RALLIART carbon tone center panel
RALLIART carbon tone shift panel
Genuine diversion Lancer Cedia Alliart carbon tone air conditioner panel
Genuine diversion Lancer Cedia Alliart carbon tone door switch panel
VARIS carbon shift knob
Sigma speed carbon side brake grip
Carrozzeria in-dash navigation AVIC-VH0999
carrozzeria front speaker TS-V171A
carrozzeria rear speaker TS-J1710A
carrozzeria subwoofer TS-WX910A
carrozzeria power amplifier GM-D6400
Panasonic ETC
Cellstar mirror type radar detector
ULTRA full auto turbo timer