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Stock No.Lancer GSR Evolution 5/G-FORCE complete engine/UNLIMITEDWORKS current car setting

☆Rare! Lancer GSR Evolution 5! G-FORCE's complete E/G! EVO9 turbine! UNLIMITEDWORKS's current car setting and maintenance vehicle!

GSR Evolution V
133,624 KM


The car we will be introducing this time is the rare Lancer GSR Evolution 5 with
G-FORCE's complete engine, EVO9 turbine UNLIMITED WORKS's current car setting and maintenance is the best recommended vehicle.
After purchasing the car in 2016 and installing a complete E/G, it has been completely maintained and refreshed by Unrimi, including turbine replacement, driveline system, fuel gauge, cooling, braking and suspension. In addition to the above, a wide range of maintenance has been carried out including the air conditioner, interior and exterior.
Recently, there are fewer and fewer vehicles in good condition, but we would like to introduce a car that is in excellent overall condition.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1998
Car name: Lancer Evolution
Grade: GSR Evolution
Color: White
Mileage: 133,624 KM
No repair history

Engine related
Equipped with G-FORCE Complete E/G Plus at 88,000 KM
・Block disassembly and assembly
・Block top surface correction polishing
・Cylinder boring dummy head boring
・Cylinder honing
・Cylinder chamfering
・Block deburring
・Bolt cleaning/repair
・Piston ring joint alignment
・Crank metal alignment
・Connecting rod metal alignment
・Head disassembly/assembly (addition...IN/EX valve replacement)
・Valve alignment
・Cylinder block processing
・Port step correction
・EVO9 genuine piston
・Overhaul gasket
・Conrod bearing
・Crank bearing
・Thrust metal
・Balancer belt
・EVO9 genuine timing belt
・Balancer belt tensioner
・Timing belt idler pulley
・Cylinder metal gasket
・Reinforced connecting rod bolt

Additional replacement parts
Lash adjuster replaced with new one after countermeasures
Timing bell cover replaced with new one after countermeasures

・Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, belt replacement
Rebuild alternator (2023)
Rebuild cell motor (2023)
Engine mount genuine new replacement
ISC valve genuine new replacement
Drive shaft boots (front) genuine new replacement (2023)

Other parts
HKS slide cam pulley
TOMEI 260° IN/EX PON camshaft
TOMEI Slicing Baffle
OKUYAMA oil catch tank
NGK racing plug (red box)

Other replacement parts and maintenance
Air conditioner related
・Replacement of new air conditioner compressor
・Change air conditioner piping to CT genuine one

Turbine related
Turbine Evo 9 genuine Inconel (2016 new)
Genuine CT series blow-off valve
Intake and exhaust related
HPI MEGA Max Air Cleaner
CUSCO suction pipe
G-FORCE equal length exhaust manifold
HPI turbine outlet
FUJITSUBO front pipe
APEXi Super Catalyzer
JIC Spartan 505 Full Titanium Muffler

Cooling system
HPI aluminum radiator
SAMCO silicone hose SET
HPI intercooler
HPI intercooler piping
Genuine EVO9 OIL cooler core hose fitting

Fuel related
TOMEI large capacity fuel pump 255L
SARD reinforced pump harness

Driveline and suspension related
Genuine CT genuine 6-speed car clutch (2023)
CUSCO Front Type RS 1WAY (2017 O/H)
Super AYC replacement for LSD EVO9 (2022 OH)
AZUR Super Ohlins (screw type) (O/H December 2018)
Direct winding spring Front swift 14KG Rear swift 12KG
Tie rod end replacement (2023)
Front and rear hub bearing replacement (2017)
LAILE reinforced rear differential mount
Helper spring Front swift 0.8KG Rear swift 3KG
UNLIMITEDWORKS Suspension full bushing spec1 completed (2017)
CUSCO Front and Rear reinforced stabilizer
CUSCO Front and Rear Cusco Pillow Upper Mount

Brake related
2020 Caliper O/H & Rear BIG rotor KIT installation
Brake rotor Front RDD 1P multi-slit rotor
      Rear RDD 2P big rotor kit (Φ332mm) *Multi-slit
Brake pad F WINMAX AP-3
      Endless CC-RG
APP APP stainless mesh brake line
J-SPEED 3D brake deflector

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC6-IR Boost Controller
UNLIMITEDWORKS Current vehicle matching computer

Body reinforcement related
Tower bar Front Mitsubishi genuine Rear CUSCO
CUSCO Ver2 lower arm bar
J-SPEED Super Kinkin-kun

Exterior related
KS AUTO side step
EVO6 genuine rear wing
Takasei Stout Carbon Wing Flap
Genuine shell split headlight blackout inner
DEPO corner turn signal blackout inner
Clear side marker
Rear LED tail lamp
HID headlight

Tires & wheels
VOLK SE37K 18X9.5J+28

Interior related
MOMO TUNER steering
DEFI water temperature/oil temperature gauge
DEFI RACER GAGE boost meter
DSKEVO LED Air conditioner monitor, other lighting
RECARO RS-G ASM limited driver seat
RECARO SR-11 ASM limited passenger seat
Carbon style shift boot/shift knob
PANASONIC navigation/back camera
CELLSTAR radar detector
New door weather strip replacement
Door run channel new replacement
Driver seat window regulator replaced with new one
New roof molding replacement
New door molding replacement
Footrest genuine new replacement
Air conditioner heater control motor genuine new replacement
Meter part acrylic cover Genuine new replacement