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Stock No.BCNR33 GT-R V-SPEC/1997/Jing tuned 474PS

Just after maintenance, reflex and tune, Motec, 474PS!



This time, I'd like to introduce you to a car
Just after maintenance, refreshing and tuning by the famous Jing, it's in excellent condition!
Motec M600! 474PS on the dyno with no correction for the actual measurement.
The car is in excellent condition and has only been used for a few thousand kilometers since 2020.
It is a late model V-SPEC vehicle with outstanding interior and exterior as well as engine.
The car is very easy to drive and has a high response, and the N1 turbine has a great acceleration feeling.
The following are the details of the car, the modifications, and the refresh.

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Vehicle Information
Year 1997
Car Name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC
Color White
Mileage 122151KM
No Repair
Inspection April 2023
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty Book, Manual, Keyless Key, Spare
Genuine OP Puretron air purifier

Maintenance history
November, 1997 1083km
March 1998 9454KM
September 1998 18166KM
January 1999 23246KM
October 2000 49000KM
October 2002 59133KM
October 2004 69317KM
October 2005 78796KM
October 2006 82976KM
October 2008 89152KM
October 2010 98572KM
September 2012 105338KM
August 2013 105759KM
October 2014 113579KM
October, 2016 116703KM
October 2008 118726KM
March 2021 121078KM

Dynopac TCF1.000 474.15  
Engine related
July 2020: Maintenance and tuning performed by J-ing
Timing belt replacement
Valve adjustment shims adjusted at 24 points
Valve timing adjustment
Valve spring replacement
Cam oil seal replacement
Tappet cover gasket replacement
Tappet Cover Grommet Replacement
Lucker Plug Replacement
Crank Angle Sensor Grommet Replacement
Plain Washer Replacement
Tensioner Pulley Replacement
Adjust Pulley Replacement
Crank Angle Sensor Replacement
Power steering hose and tube replacement
Air Conditioner Idler Pulley Replacement
R.S.E APEC-S IN/EX 256° 9.15mm camshaft
REIMAX Valve Spring
HKS Slide Cam Sprocket
HKS Timing Belt
Jing Original Okada Plasma Direct Voltage Up Coil
Jing Original Head Cover (Cerakote) 
REINIK Center Ornament

Throttle Area
Intake manifold tank removal and replacement of hoses
AAC gasket replacement
Throttle switch replacement
Water temp sensor replaced
Oil pressure gasket replacement
REIMAX throttle seal
Throttle Coating
Throttle seal replacement
Collector Tank 
TOMEI In-Manual Metal Gasket
TOMEI Metal Throttle Gasket

Turbine return pipe F replacement
Turbine return pipe R replacement
Turbocharger Hose Replacement
Turbo gasket replacement
Turbine nut replacement
Turbo stat bolt replacement
Compressor housing stud replacement
BNR34GT-R N1 Turbine Assy
HKS Strengthened Actuator
EX Manifold Flange Enlarged

Intake and Exhaust
TRUST Suction Pipe KIT
Airflowless Suction Pipe
REIMAX Front Pipe
HKS Metal Catalyzer
TOMEI Ti Titanium Muffler

Fuel related
Fuel pump replacement
Fuel hose replacement
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Hose Band Replacement
Injector insulator replacement
NISMO high-capacity fuel pump
NISMO adjustable fuel regulator
TOPSECRET R35 Injector Conversion KIT
R35 fuel injector

Cooling system
All water hoses replaced
Heater hose replacement
BILLON 71°open/close low temp. thermostat
ARC Intercooler
ARC Aluminum Radiator

Drive and suspension
Release bearing replacement
Pilot bush replacement
Clutch lever dust cover replacement
Control lever boot replacement
ORC Twin Plate Clutch (SE)
TEIN MONOFLEX Full Throttle Ride Height Adjustment KIT
CUSCO Front Upper Arm
CUSCO Pillow Tension Rods
Rear Member Rigid Collar

Pro Micro F6R Brake Pads
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Defi Link Meter
Water Temperature Gauge
Oil Temp Gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Boost gauge
Exhaust temperature gauge

Controller & CPU
Motec wiring
Front pipe sensor
Crank angle sensor plate
Boost solenoid installed
Pump relay harness
Motec M600 Standard
M600 single lambda option
M600 1MB logger option
M800/84 Harness & Sensor SET
Wideband LSU Lambda Sensor 6-pole
Vehicle conversion harness
Motec DHB installation
ECU rewrite, Dyno-Pac setting

BCNR33N1 Bonnet Hood Top Molding
BCNR33N1 Front Bumper Duct
TOPSECRET Front Bumper
TOPSECRET Side Diffuser
TOPSECRET Rear Mud Guard
Coolverre Windshield
LED Tail & Back Light Replacement
BBS LM 10J×18+20 Gold

RECARO SR3 Reclining Bucket Seats
Genuine Leather Shift Boot, Side Brake Lever Cover, Center Console Cover
Carrozzeria CD/DVD/ Terrestrial Digital Unit
HKS Turbo Timer