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Stock No.BCNR33-late 1997/NISTUNE current car setting/400PS 

☆Rare! Late 1997 model! BCNR33 GT-R! R35 airflow! NISTUNE current car setting ECU! 400PS vehicle

84,215 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is the late 1997 model BCNR33 Skyline GT-R with an outstanding 400PS.
The car is based on the concept of a street car and has been completely finished from intake and exhaust to driveline and cooling plus exterior. It is a specification that is easy to ride and has high response.
Not only the engine, but also the interior and exterior are very clean. It is a recommended vehicle that has been installed with anti-rust measures around the bottom.

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Vehicle Information
Year: Late 1997
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: STD
Color: white
Mileage: 84,215 KM
No repair history
Vehicle inspection: None
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual
Clifford Security

Engine related
February 2015 70,428 KM
PWR Reinforced timing belt, water pump, idler, tensioner set replacement
Simultaneous replacement of crank pulley, PWR fan, P/S, and A/C belt
May 2019 75,330 KM starter motor/alternator replacement
January 2021 81,739KM O2 sensor and each OIL exchange
HKS intercooler piping kit
R35 GT-R airflow meter
SAMCO silicon heater hose
SAMCO Silicon blow-by hose
BNR34 genuine engine mount

Fuel related
SARD large capacity fuel pump
SARD 12H 5500cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust
REIMAX carbon air cleaner duct
REIMAX equal length front pipe
MIDORI silent high power NR titanium muffler

Cooling related
EVOLVE aluminum radiator
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
Aluminum breather tank for FLAT RB26
ARC titanium cooling panel
Billion VFC II electric fan controller

Driveline and undercarriage
NISMO Copper MIX twin plate clutch
AXUR SUPER OHLINS harmonic kit
Cusco pillow tension rod
CUSCO Front upper arm
CUSCO Rear upper arm
KTS rear member rigid color

Brake related
Juratec FrV36 Skyline 355Φ slit rotor KIT
Pro μ Rr slit rotor
Pro μ stainless mesh brake line

Reinforcing related
Rear strut reinforcement plate for BNR34GT-R
Trunk floor reinforcement bar for S15 Silvia

Controller & CPU
NISTUNE current car setting ECU

Instrument related
TRUST boost gauge
TRUST water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge (glove box)
TECTOM CMX-100 (vehicle speed, water temperature, airflow voltage, injector valve opening ratio)

Exterior related
BNR34GT-R rear under carbon diffuser
N1 front hood top mall
N1 front bumper duct
Genuine OP rear mat guard
NISMO front lip spoiler
NISMO front under diffuser
ARC rear W wing
QestJapan rear LED tail & blinker
BBS LM Champion ED 10J x 18+20

Interior related
BNR34 V-SPEC II foot pedal set 4 points
Carrozzeria RZ09 navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD