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Stock No.1998 Final model/R33GT-R/Rare GV1/Actual run 62,000 KM/T7829D 550PS 

☆Only 22 from factory! GV1 Black Pearl! R33GT-R! 62,000 KM! T78-29D 550PS!

62,787 KM 
GV1 Black Pearl 


The car I will introduce this time is a super rare car! 1998 final model BCNR33 GT-R Late-only color GV1 Black Pearl. This is a rare vehicle with only 22 units sold.
In addition, it is a very clean car not only for the engine but also for the interior and exterior as well as the actual running of 62,000 KM.
It is a 550PS car with well-balanced intake/exhaust, drive, cooling, T78-29 turbine, etc.
Below, we will describe the details of the car and the details of the modification in order, so please be patient with us until the end.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1998
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Color: Black Pearl GV1 late model exclusive color
Mileage: 62,787 KM
No vehicle inspection
No repair

Engine related
HKS STEP1 IN/EX 264° camshaft
HKS slide cam sprocket
HKS reinforced timing belt
TOMEI combination metal gasket set
AUTO STAFF aluminum oil catch tank
R35 air flow adapter KIT
R35 airflow meter
Head cover crystal painting

Turbine related
TRUST T78-29D full turbine KIT
・TRUST stainless steel exhaust manifold
&#183; TRUST racing waste gate (open to the atmosphere)
・TRUST front pipe

Fuel related
SARD 550cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust
TRUST air cleaner
APEXi super catalyzer
APEXi RS revolution muffler

Driveline and undercarriage
HKS LA clutch
TEIN Harmonic KIT
ARC pillow tension rod
NISMO Rr upper arm (front)
NISMO Rr upper arm (rear)

Brake related
Stainless mesh brake line

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC boost controller
APEXi power FC computer

Exterior related
Genuine OP N1 bonnet hood top molding
Genuine OP N1 front bumper duct
SSR Professor MS1 189.5J +12

Interior relations
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC2 3 genuine foot pedals
SONY CD audio