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Stock No.BCNR33GT-R V-SPEC/Actual driving 37,000 KM/Many maintenance records

☆ Rare! 1995 model BCNR33 GT-R! V-SPEC! Late specification! Actual running 37,000 KM!

37,700 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1995 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC.
This is an introduction of a full late specification vehicle in excellent condition with an actual mileage of 37,000 km.
The car has a good maintenance record since it was new plus parts have been installed recently such as the muffler and others. It is a recommended vehicle that is in excellent total condition from the engine, interior and exterior and around the underside.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1995 model
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: V-SPEC
Color: White
Mileage: 37,700 KM
No repair history
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, main key, keyless key
CLIFFORD G5 security spare remote control complete

Maintenance history
June 1, 1995 940 KM
October 14, 1995 2,483 KM
April 26, 1996 5,050 KM
April 25, 1997 6,375 KM
April 20, 1998 7,493 KM
April 17, 2000 17,219 KM
April 13, 2002 17,912 KM
April 28, 2006 19,900 KM
August 8, 2006 20,016 KM
April 20, 2008 22,084 KM
April 19, 2010 28,035 KM
April 30, 2013 28,525 KM
April 20, 2012 28,777 KM
July 9, 2013 28,969 KM
April 26, 2014 29,000KM NISMO reinforced timing belt
April 29, 2015 29,038 KM
September 23, 2016 29,244 KM
November 12, 2016 29,911 KM
April 20, 2017 30,846 KM MINE'S VX-ROM
October 9, 2017 32,737 KM
October 3, 2018 34,430 KM
October 24, 2019 35,519 KM
October 5, 2020 36,355 KM
October 3, 2022 37,007 KM
November 11, 2016 
・Genuine ignition coils 6 new replacements
・Spark plug 7# Replace 6 pieces
・Genuine fuel pump replacement
・Fuel filter genuine new replacement
・New fuel gauge unit replacement
・Boost solenoid hose Genuine replacement

Engine related
Body normal
Genuine suction separate processing
TRUST intercooler piping KIT

Exhaust related
REIMAX equal length front pipe
SARD sports catalyzer
REIMAX rear double muffler

Suspension related
OHLINS PCV car harmonic KIT

Control related

Instrument related
Defi 50Φ boost meter

brake related
ENDLESS brake pads

Exterior related
Late model project headlamp
NISMO front under lip
NISMO front under diffuser
NISMO rear fender arch molding
NISMO rear carbon wing flap cover
Genuine OP rear mudguard
rear carbon wing flap

Tire & wheel
VOLK RACING TE37 18X10.5J +12

Interior related
Genuine OP MOMO sports airbag steering
Genuine OP aluminum cup plate
Late genuine instrument panel
BNR34V-SPECII genuine foot pedal
Carrozeria CD audio