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Stock No.BCNR33 - Late 1997 / Actual mileage 33,000 KM 2.7L 590PS / Less than 5,000 KM after production by Super Private

☆Rare! 1997 late model BCNR33 GT-R! Actual mileage: 33,000 KM! Less than 5,000 KM since production by Super Private! 

33,449 KM


The car we will be introducing this time is a 1997 late model with 33,000 km of actual mileage, 2.7L and 590PS.
The car was originally manufactured by Super Private in Hyogo Prefecture and is designed to handle hard driving with a full counter crank, H-section connecting rods and forged pistons. .
In addition to the engine, this is a very composed car that has been completely finished including the driveline, suspension and brakes.
The car has been driven around town less than 5,000km since manufacture and has not been driven hard.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1997
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: standard car
Color: White
Mileage: 33,449 KM
Repaired with rear back panel replacement
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main key, and spare key.

Complete with power check sheet 590.4PS

Engine related 
Less than 5000KM after new production
TOMEI 86.5Φ forged piston KIT with cooling channel
TOMEI H section connecting rod
TOMEI Full counter 73.7mm crankshaft
TOMEI UMEDA large capacity oil pump
NISMO metal bearings
TOMEI Stud Type Reinforced Cam Cap Bolt Set
TOMEI stud type reinforced head bolt
TOMEI stud type crank bearing cap bolt
TOMEI combination metal gasket SET
TOMEI IN/EX 260° camshaft
TOMEI reinforced valve spring
TOMEI cam slide cam pulley
TOMEI reinforced timing belt
TRUST large capacity oil pan
Cylinder head surface training correct/phosphor bronze valve guide

Turbine related
HKS GT2530 Twin Turbo KIT
HKS reinforced actuator

Fuel related
NISMO large capacity fuel pump
NISMO fuel regulator
NISMO 600cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust related
HKS Special Piping KIT
HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
HKS stainless exhaust manifold
NISMO front pipe
HKS high power muffler
APEXi ECV valve

Cooling related
KOYO brass 2-layer radiator
ARC intercooler
APEXi OIL cooler

Driveline and suspension related
NISMO Copper MIX twin plate clutch
OHLINS DFV car height kit
CUSCO Front & Rear reinforced stabilizer
Rear mechanical LSD
TRUST Rear LSD large capacity differential cover

Brake related
ENDLESS 8POT front caliper 370Φ rotor
ENDLESS 4POT rear caliper 360Φ rotor
Stainless mesh brake line

Exterior related
Genuine OP N1 front bumper duct
Genuine OP rear mudguard
260RS genuine front clear turn signal
side turn clear lens

Tires & wheels
DIREZZA Z 265/35R18
VOLK RACING TE37 18X9.5J +12

Instrument related
NISMO triple meter
BLITZ boost meter
TECHTOM MDM-100 Multi Display Monitor

Controller & CPU
FIELD Giken E-TS Atesar Controller
BLITZ DUAL SBC boost controller
HKS F-CON current car settings

Interior related
NISMO Duracon shift knob
Caloceria CD Audio