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Stock No.BCNR33-Late model/LINK Current car setting/Light tune

☆Rare! Late 1997 model BCNR33 GT-R! Intake, exhaust, driveline, cooling and LINK settings! NISMO aero! Fully maintained! Excellent car! Recommended vehicle!

74,440 KM


The car we are introducing this time is a late 1997 model BCNR33 Skyline GT-R with intake/exhaust driveline, cooling for complete overall balance.
This is a lightly tuned vehicle in excellent condition.
The car is in very good condition with a long maintenance history and is in excellent condition.
Since the previous owner took possession of it in 2012, all maintenance has been carried out at the dealer.
In addition, the LINK Plug in ECU was set up to match the actual car last year in 2023 and the response has been improved making it very easy to drive even at high speeds without stress. It is a car that can be enjoyed in a wide range of situations, from city driving to winding roads.

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Vehicle Information
Model year: Late 1997
Model: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: White
Mileage: 74,440KM (NISMO meter)
No mileage confirmation due to lack of meter replacement record book
No repairs
Maintenance book, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual included
Main key, VOLTEX 7700SD security

Maintenance history
Dealer maintenance record after ownership in October 2012
December 5, 2012 19,500KM
January 5, 2013 22,212KM
April 8, 2013 25,548KM
June 7, 2013 28,213KM
August 21, 2013 30,518KM
November 7, 2013 32,484KM
April 10, 2014 35,944KM
May 5, 2014 38,284KM
September 3, 2014 40,462KM
December 25, 2014 42,320KM
May 5, 2015 45,097KM
November 22, 2015 47,661KM
Heisei January 17, 2016 48,140KM
May 4, 2016 49,650KM
July 11, 2016 50,906KM
September 29, 2016 52,155KM
November 23, 2016 52,940KM
March 29, 2017 53,839KM
July 16, 2017 54,249KM
October 20, 2017 55,108KM
March 18, 2018 Starter motor replaced
July 11, 2018 56,431KM
September 10, 2020 64,139KM Not at dealer
November 2, 2020 64,773KM
October 3, 2022 70,100KM Not at dealer

Modification details
Normal engine
Timing belt and water pump replaced in 2018
KTD C2 ignition coil
KTD C2 coil harness

Intake and exhaust
BLITZ SUS POWER air cleaner
FUJITSUBO equal length front pipe

Cooling related
TRUST intercooler
TRUST intercooler pipe
TRUST oil cooler

Suspension and driveline related
HKS HIPERMAX Performer (Kansai Service Ver.) Height-adjustable suspension kit
NISMO Copper Mix Clutch Kit

Brake related
NISMO S-TUNE brake pads

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full-scale white meter
NISMO white triple meter

Electrical equipment
LINK Plug-in ECU actual vehicle settings + KTD boost control
HKS EVC EZ II boost controller
HKS turbo timer

Exterior related
BNR34 genuine front emblem
NISMO front diffuser
N1 spec front bumper duct
OP rear mudguard
Front & side clear turn signals
NISMO carbon-look rear wing cover
Carbon rear wing
Coolverre windshield

Tires & Wheels
NITTO NT555 G2 265/30R19

CD Audio