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Stock No.BNR32GT-R / HKS GT-SS / Pro Stock Tuned & Maintained Vehicle

BNR32GT-R! GT-SS & Cams! Intake/exhaust/drive/cooling total tune. 460PS!

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This time, I'd like to introduce you to a car.
1992 BNR32 Skyline GT-R tuned and maintained by Pro Stock!
HKS GT-SS Turbine 460PS.
In addition to the engine, the intake and exhaust, drive, cooling, and braking have all been finished in total.
It has a very high level of perfection.
In addition, the air conditioner has been converted to R134a, so you don't have to worry about summer.
It has a very elegant finish and is one of the cars that we recommend to anyone who is looking for one.

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Vehicle Information
Model Year 1992
Car Name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard
Mileage: 131766km, meter replaced at 24585km, current meter 107181km
No repairs
Inspection November 2022
Main key and spare key available
CLIFFORD security remote control x 2
MIKASA R12 to R134a Air Conditioning KIT

HKS M40 racing plugs
HKS STEP1 IN/EX 256°8.7mm camshaft
HKS Slide cam sprocket
NISMO reinforced timing belt at 81200km
Replaced water pump, tensioner, idler, crank & cam seals, and tappet packings
SAMCO silicone heater hose

HKS GT-SS Sports Turbine KIT
HKS Strengthened Actuator

Fuel related
NISMO Fuel Pump
NISMO fuel regulator
NISMO 600 cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust
TRUST AIRINX air cleaner
NISMO air flow meter
BNR34 EX manifold & outlet, enlarged
HKS SUS Front Pipe
SARD Sports Catalyst
PSMS Silent Muffler Ver2

TRUST Intercooler
HKS Intercooler Piping Set
TRUST Aluminum Radiator
SAMCO Silicone Radiator Hose
HKS TYPE-S 15 step OIL cooler

Drive and suspension
NISMO Copper Mix Twin Clutch
NISMO Strengthened Clutch Bracket
OHLINS Separate Tank Type Ride Height Adjustment KIT O/H completed
NISMO F&R Stabilizer
NISMO Upper Arm
NIMSO Upper Link
NISMO Fr lower arm
NISMO Tension Rod
NSIMO F&R Stabilizer Bushing
NISMO Rear Shock Absorber Bushing
NISMO Rear Axle Bushing Upper
Rear Member Newly replaced
CUSCO Rr Upper Link
CUSCO Rr Drag Rod

Body parts
Aluminum Front Tower Bar

Brake System
TRUST Fr 6POT Calipers & 355mm Rotors
TRUST Rr 4POT Calipers & 330mm Rotors
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Controller & CPU
Apex AVC-R Boost Controller
HKS ETC Controller
PSMS Current Setting ECU
Do-Luck Digital G Sensor

NISMO 320km Full Scale Meter
Defi DIN-Gauge Water, Oil, Oil Temp.
Defi Boost Gauge

N1 Headlights (HID)
LED Tail Lamps & Corner Lenses
VARIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Hood Top Molding
GANADOR Aero Mirror
Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Duct
Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler
Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

Tires & Wheels
POTENZA RE71R 265-35-18
NISMO LM GT4 9.5J×18+12

Puretron Air Purifier (stock option)
NISMO Shift Knob
NISMO floor mats
NARDI Steering Wheel
RECARO Super Stark Left/Right Bucket Seats
SUPERIOR Rear seat cover
SUPERIOR Center Console Cover
Perforated Leather Shift Boot, Side Lever, Side Lever Cover
Carrozzeria FH-9400DVS 7V" Wide VGA Monitor/DVD-V/VCD/CD/Bluetooth/USB/Tuner/DSP Main Unit