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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/Original car/48,000KM/Record book complete maintenance

1992 BNR32 GT-R! 48,000KM actual mileage! 18 dealer maintenance records! Superb car!

KLO Platinum Silver
6980000YEN JPN


We are pleased to introduce you to a 1992 BNR32 Skyline GT-R original vehicle.
The car has only 48,000KM on the odometer, and all of the engine and suspension parts, except for the muffler, are rare and stock.
The car is very clean inside and out, and all maintenance has been performed by a Nissan dealer.

For inquiries please call: +81-90-9623-1633

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Vehicle Information
Year 1992
Vehicle name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard car
Mileage 48750KM
Color KLO Platinum Silver
Inspection November 2022
Complete with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, main logo key and spare key.

August 30, 1995 17652KM
September 2, 1997 27907KM
February 26, 1998 30572KM
September 11, 1999 39815KM
November 11, 1999 40012KM
September 5, 2001 40044KM
September 13, 2003 40068KM
September 16, 2005 40098KM
September 14, 2007 40149KM
September 11, 2009 40216KM
September 12, 2013 400400KM
September 14, 2015 40495KM
September 15, 2017 40766KM
September 22, 2019 40814KM
September 15, 2020 41853KM
February 29, 2021 43315KM
June 13, 2021 47481KM
August 29, 2021 48022KM

Other parts related
Genuine OP AIBA WORKS Front Tower Bar
Front FOG Lamp (Genuine OP)
NISMO floor mat
Three V-SPEC2 pedals
KENWOOD CD audio system
KAKIMOTO Kai stainless steel muffler

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