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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/2.7L Spec E/G GT-SS Turbine AGY SS690M/T/500PS Actual

BNR32GT-R! E/G O/H 2.7L spec! HKS GT-SS, AGY SS690M/T, BNR34BREMBO front and rear, Z-TUNE KYO Silver! Custom-made Meister 11J! 500PS with full maintenance!

KH2~KYO Z-TUNE Silver All Paint


We are pleased to introduce to you a BNR32 GT-R Gentle Tuning!
2.7L N1 spec! HKS GT-SS Turbine!
Although the car has a lot of miles, the N1 pistons, camshaft, GT-SS turbine, and other parts have been reassembled during the engine O/H, and the transmission, transfer, and other drivetrain parts have also been replaced.
The body color is Z-TUNE genuine color with custom-made Meister 11J wheels.

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Vehicle Information
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ Details of the car and other details

Details of the car ☆☆☆☆☆Details of the car ☆☆☆☆☆☆ □
Year 1989
Car Name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard
Mileage 201662KM
Repair Yes, there is a repair history on the right rear.
Color KH2 - KYO Z-TUNE Silver All Paint
No Inspection
Aug. 2020 at 196800KM Air conditioner compressor changed to R134a

Modification details ☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ □
Engine O/H at 160,000KM by River Tech
R33GT-R Stock Block
Dummy Head Boring and Honing
HKS Metal Gasket KIT
N1 86.5mm piston
Stock parent/child metal replacement
Crank bent and balanced
Head O/H, surface grinding, modification
Stock OIL pump
Stock water pump
Stock timing belt
TRUST IN/EX camshaft
TRUST Slide Cam Sprocket
BNR34 stock head cover

HKS GT-SS Sports Turbine KIT

Fuel System
NISMO Fuel Pump
NISMO Fuel Regulator
SARD 720cc Injectors
BNR34 Stock Fuel Delivery Pipe

Intake and Exhaust
APEXi Super Suction KIT
Z32 Air Flow Meter
BNR34 Stock Turbo Outlet Pipe
HPI Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
BLITZ Stainless Steel Front Pipe
KAKIMOTO Rear Muffler

TRUST Intercooler
TRUST Element Transfer Type OIL Cooler
Brass 2-layer Radiator

Drivetrain and suspension
August 2020 at 196800K miles, AGY SS690 transmission installed
AGY Transfer O/H at 196800KM in Aug. 2020
OS Giken twin plate clutch
ZEAL Function X coilovers, O/H Aug. 2020 at 196800KM
KTS Pillow Tension Rod
High chassis cancel rod
Rear Member Strengthening Bushing
NISMO Front Upper Link
NISMO Rear Upper Arm (Front)
NISMO Rear Upper Arm (Rear)
NISMO Rear Lower Arm
ARC Reinforced Sway bar

Body Related
CUSCO Front Tower Bar
Kansai Service Lower Arm Bar

BNR34 Stock Brembo Caliper
BNR34 Stock Rear Brake Rotors
DIXCEL Fr slit rotors - August, 2020 at 196800KM
DIXCEL Rr slit rotors - August 2019 at 196800KM
ENDLESS brake pads - At 196800KM in August 2020
Sten mesh brake lines

Controller & CPU
Greddy Profec e01 Boost Controller
ULTRA Multi-Mode Meter Plus
RiverTec On-Board Setup

KYO Z-TUNE Silver All Paint
Glass Molding Replacement
Front and Rear Fenders Tapped Out
N1 Headlight (HID)
NISMO Chibi Hane
One-off LED Tail Lights
WORK Meister GT-R Exclusive Front/Rear 11J 18" Wheels

Weather trip door moldings, replaced in August 2020 at 196800KM
BRIDE ZETA3 Bucket Seats
RECARO SR6 SK100 reclining seat (N seat)
Calsonic ETC
MOMO CORSE Steering wheel
SUPERIOR Carbon Fiber Side Brake Lever Boots