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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/LinkG4+Plug-in Current vehicle setting/fine tuned vehicle

Rare BNR32 GT-R! Actual mileage of 80,000KM! Excellent condition car!

gangley metallic
7,680,000 YEN JPN


We are pleased to present to you this car.
BNR32 Skyline GT-R, actual mileage 80,000KM, no repairs, lots of maintenance!
LinkG4+Setup Fine Tuned vehicle.
Based on a vehicle in excellent condition, the car has been finished with a concept of ease of driving with a boost-up specification as well as refreshment maintenance such as intake/exhaust and cooling of the suspension.
The body is in very good condition with no rust, and the control system and strengthened parts are all the latest parts.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model year 1990
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard
Mileage 83040KM
No Restoration
Inspection June 2023
Complete with Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty Book and Instruction Manual

Maintenance history
June 19, 1990 1100KM
October 2, 1990 2642KM
January 24, 1992 6263KM
March 31, 1993 9764KM
October 6, 1993 11428KM
May 13, 1994 13654KM
April 4, 1995 16764KM
April 5, 1997 23811KM
November 20, 1997 27528KM
October 23, 1998 30203KM
April 6, 1999 31341KM
June 26, 2000 35105KM
March 23, 2001 37060KM
April 5, 2003 41343KM
April 6, 2007 46151KM
June 27, 2011 60534KM
January 28, 2013 63844KM
May 21, 2013 64080KM
July 21, 2014 64644KM
August 4, 2014 64684KM
May 26, 2015 64839KM
May 24, 2016 65107KM
November 15, 2016 65347KM
June 22, 2017 65480KM
October 14, 2017 65549KM
November 18, 2017 66202KM
May 1, 2008 65400KM
July 13, 2018 65400KM
August 18, 2018 69975KM
January 19, 2019 71816KM
June 7, 2019 72518KM
September 22, 2019 74014KM
November 8, 2019 77000KM

Main body normal
July, 2008 Engine maintenance
OIL line pipe, water hose, vacuum hose, HKS intake manifold GK
NISMO throttle GK, cooling fan BNR34, shroud, etc. replaced

May 2021 - Replaced timing belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, water pump, camshaft seal, crank front seal, etc.

June 2021: Replace all power steering hoses
TRUST IN/EX Slide Cam Sprocket
R35GT-R Stock Ignition Coil
Duratec R35GT-R Coil Adapter KIT
Duratec mil-spec wires

TRUST TYPE24F Intercooler
TRUST Intercooler Piping
TRUST #10 13-Stage OIL Cooler
TRUST Aluminum Radiator
HPI silicon radiator hose

Fuel System
NISMO Fuel Pump
SARD 55012H injectors
NISMO Fuel Regulator

Intake and Exhaust
TRUST Suction Pipe SET
TRUST Aluminum Air Flow Less Adapter
REIMAX Equal Length Front Pipe
SARD Sports Catalyzer

Drive and suspension relation
HKS Hyper MAX 4SP Ride Height Adjustment KIT
NISMO (F&R) Strengthened Long Hub Bolts

D2Racing Fr 6POT calipers
Porsche Rr BREMBO 4POT caliper

Body Related
CUSCO Fr Aluminum Tower Bar
AIBA WORKS Rear Tower Bar

Controller & CPU
HKS EVCIR-2.46 Boost Controller
Link G4+Plug-in, Current Car Setting
Do-Luck Digital G Sensor

AEM A/F Sensor
Defi Boost Gauge
Defi ADVANCE DZ Monitor
MINE'S 3-series (boost gauge)

NISMO Front Bumper Duct
NISMO Hood Top Molding
VeilSide Fr Lip Spoiler
SHORIN Side Steps
TRUST Rear Underbody
GANADOR Aero Mirrors

Tires & Wheels
POTENZA RE71R 265-35-18
VOLK RACING TE37 SL 10.5J×18+22

Active seat covers
SUPERIOR carbon fiber shift cover
SUPERIOR Carbon fiber style side brake lever cover
NISMO GT Titanium Shift Knob
Carrozzeria CD audio system