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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/NISMO engine/chassis refreshed vehicle/constructed by NISMO Omori Factory

☆Rare BNR32GT-R! NISMO Engine & Chassis Refresh!

125,529 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1991 mid-term model BNR32 Skyline GT-R with NISMO engine & chassis refresh.
It is a car with a very high degree of perfection that has been completed in total such as drivline, suspension, and brakes along with the engine.
All the construction history of NISMO Omori Factory remains and you can see that both the engine and chassis have been thoroughly refreshed.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1991
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Mileage: 125,529KM
Color: black
Restoration with rear back panel replacement
Vehicle inspection: None
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, main key and spare key.

Engine related
July 2000, at 85,000 km NISMO engine refreshed
Ver2000 construction OPT red crystal painting head cover & surge tank
Engine items
・Clutch disc replacement: NISMO 30100-RN580
・Clutch cover inspection
・Replacement release bearing: Genuine part 30502-21000
・Flywheel replacement: NISMO 12310-RS580
Cylinder head
・Body washing, carbon removal, distortion inspection
・OP port stepped correction processing (IN & EXH)
・Port rust surface polishing & port internal correction processing
・Manifold rust surface polishing (INT)
・Surface polishing
・Combustion chamber volume adjustment (6 cylinders)
Valve system
・Valve cleaning, carbon drop diameter measurement, bend correction, confidential measurement, rubbing
・Measure the gap between the valve guide and the valve stem → one replaced
・Valve spring cleaning, set load measurement
・Retainer, seat, cotter washing, visual inspection
&#183; Lifter cleaning, diameter measurement curved surface visual inspection
・Camshaft cleaning, diameter measurement, bending measurement
・Pulley (cam & timing) washing, visual inspection
・Shim clearance measurement and adjustment
OPT seat cut/seat replacement (24 locations) + seat cut/valve guide replacement (EXH 12) + centering + seat cut/camshaft bend correction (INT & EXH)
Cylinder block
Block cleaning, carbon removal, distortion inspection, bore measurement
Oil jet cleaning, visual inspection
OPT Bore & clearance adjustment (boring/honing)/distortion measurement (surface polishing)
Piston & pin carbon removal, diameter measurement, cleaning
Piston ring standard replacement designated parts genuine 12033-67S10
Connecting rod washing, bending, torsion inspection, thrust clearance measurement
Connecting rod bearing cleaning, visual inspection
Crankshaft washing, bending, thrust measurement, crankpin & journal polishing lapping
Main bearing cleaning, visual inspection → 2 replacements + 1 replacement
Crank pulley & bolt genuine replacement parts 12207-05U04 05U05 12303-05U01
OPT: Piston & connecting rod weight matching (6 cylinders), crank bending correction, crank tip processing (oil pump fitting part processing), integrated balance adjustment (pulley + crank + flywheel), main bearing adjustment (7 locations), connecting rod bearing Adjustment (6 places)
lubrication system
OIL pump standard replacement specified parts 15010-05U11
Strainer washing, visual inspection
OIL filter bracket cleaning, visual inspection
OIL pressure switch washing, visual inspection
OIL pan & baffle cleaning, visual inspection

Cooling system
Water pump standard replacement designated parts 15010-05U11
Thermostat Washing, visual inspection
Radiator cap Standard replacement designated part NISMO 21010-58S25

Intake system
Air filter standard replacement parts NISMO 16546-RN040
Air flow meter cleaning, inspection (consultation) → replacement 22680-05U00
Surge tank cleaning, visual inspection
Throttle chamber cleaning, butterfly, linkage visual inspection
Intake manifold cleaning, distortion inspection
Balance tube cleaning, visual inspection, O-ring replacement

Exhaust system
Exhaust knee hold carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning
Exhaust outlet carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning
TURBO exchange (14411-AA300)
Gasket (14465-05U11)
Idol system
AAC valve (3781-05U11)
Air regulator: cleaning, visual inspection: 22660-01U10

Fuel system
Injector fuel pressure check (bench) O-ring replacement
Pressure regulator cleaning, inspection (consultation) O-ring replacement
Fuel strainer standard replacement designated part (1400-72L05)
Fuel chamber & hose cleaning, visual inspection 

Ignition system
Plug standard replacement designated part (#7) 22401-58S17
IG coil operation check (bench)
Power transistor operation check (bench)
EGI sub-harness standard replacement designated parts 24079-05U01
Crank angle sensor inspection (consultation), ignition timing adjustment
bench driving
Completion inspection Wrapping, confirmation of normal operation, compression measurement, endoscope inspection
Operation check of each sensor
Performance test Fully open performance (implemented only for new turbos)
Vehicle mounted 
Engine room, etc. Inspection of each part of the car body connection parts, cooling water drain inspection (LLC), engine mount replacement, T/M member bush replacement
OPT alignment adjustment

Chassis relation
July 2000 85000km NISMO chassis refreshed
Ver2000 construction
Engine mount NISMO 11200-RS580
Power train
Clutch short parts replacement
Transmission feeling check/mission oil/dust boot
Drive shaft front and rear inner & outer boot replacement
Differential Fr differential OIL/Rr/LSD overhaul
Propeller shaft short parts
ETS hydraulic unit (pump)
Hub front and rear hub bearing replacement/hub bolt replacement
Link/arm NISMO tension rod/NISMO Fr upper link/NISMO Rr upper link NISMO RrA arm/Rr member assembly
Bush mount Rear axle bush genuine/Rear axle bush/AB bush genuine
Front stabilizer bush genuine, Front stabilizer connecting rod genuine, Rear stabilizer bush genuine, differential mount upper bush genuine, differential mount lower bush genuine, differential mount insulator genuine
S/AB Upper bush Front & Rear genuine/Lower bush Front genuine/Lower bush Rear genuine/Front bump rubber genuine/Front dust cover genuine/Rear dust cover genuine
HICAS control unit inspection/ball joint visual inspection
Alignment correction
Brake rotor Front & Rear visual check
Caliper front and rear overhaul
Brake hose front and rear genuine replacement
Side brake adjustment
Master cylinder, piston KIT, reservoir tank seal, tank cap
ABS body inspection/
Rack & pinion steering rack insulator NISMO/power steering hose/
OPT NISMO Verdina stainless steel muffler

Other parts details
NISMO OIL filler cap
NISMO radiator cap
NISMO Verdina front pipe
NISMO front tower bar
NISMO LM GT-4 19x9.5J+15 new
TOYO PROXES Sports 255/30R19 brand new
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC genuine Front BREMBO caliper
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC genuine Front BREMBO rotor
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC genuine Rear BREMBO caliper
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC Genuine Rear BREMBO rotor
Stainless mesh brake line