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Stock No.BNR32 - 1991! / Engine Room Full Maintenance and Refresh / AC Parts Refreshed

☆ Rare! 1991 model BNR32 GT-R! Engine & air conditioner full maintenance! Genuine computer!

163,927 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a rare white 1991 BNR32 Skyline GT-R and in excellent condition just after maintenance around the engine.
Since the car was purchased in 2020, it has undergone a large-scale replacement repair related to the air conditioner and a maintenance refresh around the engine.
Although the mileage is a little long, it is a car that has been intensively maintained so that it can be driven for a long time and is in very good condition with no hardware modifications and computers etc. as original.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1991
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Color: white
Mileage: 163,927 KM
No repair history
Vehicle inspection: None
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual

Engine related
Full normal!

September 2021 146,000 KM Engine maintenance
Complete replacement of water hoses and pipes
Replaced all heater hoses
Radiator hose and radiator fan (BNR34 type) replacement
All vacuum related hoses replaced
Tappet cover gasket left and right replacement
Tappet cover Cerakote (tungsten)
REINIK Ornament
AAC cleaning Throttle cleaning adjustment Consultation
Timing belt replacement (Genuine timing belt), water pump, idler, tensioner
Cam oil seal and thermostat replacement
Combustion chamber carbon cleaning
Fuel hose and fuel filter replacement
MATURE ignition coil replacement
Hitachi rebuilt starter motor replacement

Air conditioner repair
June 2020
Air conditioner related repair R12 specification
Air conditioner compressor rebuilt replacement
Air conditioner condenser replacement
High and low pressure hose replacement
receiver tank replacement
Evaporator Assy replacement
Thermistor, eva thermistor replacement
amplifier replacement
Replacing O-rings and bolts
Power steering pump replacement(Feb 2023)

Others (Engine related)
HKS intercooler piping kit
HKS super power flow air cleaner

Suspension related
Rear member rigid color

Exhaust related
FUJITSUBO Legalis R type EVOLUTION muffler

Instrument related
Yashio Factroy water temp meter

Exterior related
N1 headlight
VOLK TE37 18x9.5J +12
Nitto NT555G2 255/35R18

Interior related
MOMO JET Steering
Artina Sports seat cover
Carrozzeria CD audio