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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/NISMO Omori Factory Engine & Chassis & Interior refresh Getrag 6 speed/Full complete construction car

☆ Ultimate! NISMO Omori Factory! Engine full refresh NISMO parts Ver N1 specification complete EG & chassis refresh & interior refresh OP Alcantara & BNR34 seat OP & Getrag 6-speed conversion & BNR34 Brembo! Full complete construction

117,794 KM


The car I would like to introduce this time is the Ultimate BNR32 Skyline GT-R.
The car is a full complete construction car such as engine full refresh NISMO parts Version N1 specification complete Engine, chassis refresh, interior refresh OP Alcantara, BNR34 seat OP, Getrag 6-speed conversion and BNR34 Brembo at NISMO Omori Factory.
In addition, Hyogo Nissan has replaced many new parts such as the dashboard and floor carpet.
Regarding the exterior, all the glass has been removed and refreshed with genuine plus all the malls have been replaced with new ones. Making it a car in excellent total condition.
This is a car that has been finished to perfection and is a car that rarely comes available, so it is recommended for those who are looking for it.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1991
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: standard car NISMO OF complete construction
Color: black
Mileage: 117,794 KM January 20, 2007 Meter replacement at 92,215 KM
No repair history
Vehicle inspection March 2024
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, main key, spare key

Maintenance history from purchasing a used car
April 3, 2001
September 6, 2002 74,857 KM
November 19, 2002 77,484 KM
July 15, 2003 82,455 KM
October 6, 2003 83,599 KM
August 17, 2004 86,187 KM
January 20, 2005 88,417 KM
April 29, 2005 88,868 KM
May 31, 2005 89,030 KM Air Conditioner Retro Kit 134a
June 10, 2006 91,518 KM
September 1, 2006 92,149 KM
September 28, 2006 92,172 KM
January 13, 2007 92,215 KM
January 20, 2007 92,215 KM NISMO meter replacement
NISMO chassis refresh and interior refresh
March 6, 2010 95,579 KM (current meter 3364 KM)
April 30, 2011 97,666 KM (current meter 5451 KM)
July 17, 2011 98,779 KM (current meter 6564 KM)
January 25, 2012 98,836 KM (current meter 6621 KM) NISMO engine refresh implemented Getrag 6-speed transmission installed
March 17, 2012 99,011 KM
May 10, 2013 102,320 KM (current meter 10,105 KM)
May 15, 2014 103,460 KM (current meter 11,245 KM)
July 16, 2014 104,558 KM (current meter 12,343 KM)
October 27, 2014 105,932 KM (Current meter 13,717 KM)
July 2nd, 2016 106,910 KM (Current meter 14,695 KM)
August 24, 2017 108,282 KM (current meter 16,067 KM)
April 26, 2018 109,277 KM (current meter 17,062 KM)
July 3, 2018 109,879 KM (Current meter 17,664 KM)
July 6, 2019 112,262 KM (current meter 20,047 KM)
June 28, 2020 113,815 KM (current meter 21,600 KM)
November 29, 2020 114,730 KM (current meter 22,515 KM)
June 27, 2021 115,435 KM (current meter 23,220 KM)
July 4, 2022 117,099 KM (current meter 24,844 KM)
September 29, 2022 117,547 KM (current meter 25,332 KM)

☆NISMO Omori factory construction pickup☆
November 2002 BNR34 genuine Brembo caliper installation
August 2003 N1 headlight installation
August 2004 Getrag 6-speed replacement, transfer initial UP
May 2005 Air conditioner compressor replacement (retro kit specification) liquid tank replacement
January 2007 NISMO chassis refresh interior refresh meter replacement
January 2012 NISMO engine refresh sports resetting
July 2014 Harmonic EDFC replacement
June 2017 Rear performance damper
January 2018 Driver's side weather strip replacement
May 2018 Digital G sensor replacement
July 2018 Driver's side window regulator and motor replacement
July 2018 Condenser, high pressure hose, air mix actuator replacement
November 2018 Rear mudguard installation
July 2019 Installed car security Grgo
September 2022 front pipe metal catalyzer replacement

January 13, 2007 92,215 KM
☆NISMO chassis refresh Ver.2003 (Nismo specifications)☆ 
1. Mounting
1-1 Engine Mount Kit (Fr Rr T/M Nismo)
transmission member bush
1-2 muffler mounting
Exhaust rubber mounting reinforced muffler bushing (NISMO)
2-1 clutch
Clutch disc clutch cover inspection
Bearing cylinder assembly-C cylinder assembly replacement clutch hose (Nismo replacement)
2-2 transmission
Control lever boots dust boots member ASSY insulator RR replacement
2-3 drive shaft
Front inner, outer boots RH LH replacement
Rear inner, outer boots Rh Lh exchange
2-4 differential
Front side oil seal Rh Lh Differential adjust shim replacement
Rear differential O/H
Gear set Rr friction plate disc side bearing pinion oil seal side oil seal carrier gasket front pinion bearing breather Fr, Rr differential oil (VERUSPEED)
2-5 propeller shaft
Main unit visual inspection Short parts replacement
2-6 ETS
Suction hose return hose clamp replacement
Hydraulic unit visual inspection Air bleeding Hydraulic oil replacement
Transfer visual inspection Transfer oil change
Control unit (consultation inspection)
Hub ASSY Bearing ASSY FR lower ball joint Ball joint Fr Rr hub bearing oil seal replacement
4. Suspension
4-1 link arm
Tension rod ASSY Rh Lh (Nismo)
Fr upper link ASSY Rh Lh (NISMO)
Rr upper link ASSY Fr Lh (NISMO)
Rr A arm ASSY Rh Lh (NISMO)
Rr suspension member bush (NISMO)
4-2 bush, mount
Rr axle bush (Nismo) Rr axle S/AB bush (Nismo)
Fr stabilizer bush Fr stabilizer connecting rod Rr stabilizer bush
Rr stabilizer mount bush (Nismo) rod assembly 
Differential mount insulator KIT (Nismo) short parts replacement
Control unit (consultation inspection)
Ball joint socket assembly boot kit lower link replacement
4-5 alignment
4-6 tires
5-1 rotor
Fr Rr visual inspection
5-2 pads
Fr Rr inspection
5-3 caliper
Fr seal KIT (for R34) Rr seal KIT (for R34)
5-4 brake hose
Fr Rr (Nismo) replacement
Bracket brake tube assembly brake pipe replacement
5-5 Side brake inspection
5-6 master cylinder piston KIT reservoir tank seal replacement
Body inspection 
Piping air bleeding brake fluid BF-5 (NISMO)
6-1 rack and pinion
Steering rack insulator boot socket replacement
6-2 power steering
Hose & tube return hose pump to reservoir hose clamp replacement
Bleed air, change power steering oil
7-1 Chemical & short parts
Bracket Rr brake tube heat plate transfer cover oil seal
Striking lot oil seal O-ring shift cover gasket replacement
R32 white meter set
Getrag application form set
8. Check run

January 2007 92,215 KM
☆ NISMO interior refresh ☆

Seat replacement for R32GTR (OPT) BNR34 seat base
Front seat RH (nismo logo) Front seat LH (nismo logo)
Rear seat cushion Rear seat back (nismo seat logo)
Door finisher left and right Rear door finisher left and right Boot console
side brake boots

Dash side finisher RH Dash side finisher LH
Lower panel Lower panel C Instrument panel & pad

December 17, 2011 6,621 KM
☆NISMO engine refresh 2011 work items☆

1.In-vehicle inspection
Compression measurement, consultation, idling, etc.
2. Lower the engine
Unloading the engine, inspecting each part of the body joint
engine connection
Clutch disc, clutch cover inspection, release bearing replacement, flywheel point
3・Cylinder head
Body; cleaning, carbon removal, distortion check
Opt items
Port stepped correction processing (INT & EXT) Port casting surface polishing & port internal correction processing Manifold casting surface polishing (INT) Surface polishing Combustion chamber volume adjustment (6 cylinders)
4・Valve system
Valve; cleaning, carbon removal, stem diameter measurement, bending inspection, airtightness measurement, lapping
Valve guide; clearance measurement with valve stem
Valve spring; cleaning, set load measurement
Retainer, seat, cotter; cleaning, visual inspection
Lifter; cleaning, diameter measurement, visual inspection of contact surface
Camshaft; cleaning, diameter measurement, bend measurement
Pulley (cam & timing); cleaning, visual inspection
Shim; clearance measurement and adjustment
Opt items
Sheet cut sheet replacement (24 locations) + sheet cut
Valve guide replacement (EXH; 12 pieces) + centering processing + seat cut
Camshaft bend correction (INT & EXH)
5・Cylinder block
Block body: cleaning, carbon removal, distortion check, bore measurement
Oil jet: cleaning, visual inspection
Opt items
Bore & clearance adjustment (boring, honing)
Specification of N1 block (including piston and piston ring)
Distortion correction (surface polishing)
6・Exercise system
Piston & piston ring: carbon removal, diameter measurement, cleaning
Piston ring: standard replacement
Connecting rod: cleaning, bending, torsion inspection, thrust clearance adjustment
Connecting rod bearings: cleaning, visual inspection
Crankshaft: cleaning, bending thrust measurement, crankpin & journal polishing lapping
Main bearing: cleaning, visual inspection
Crank pulley & bolt: standard replacement
Opt items
Piston and connecting rod weight matching (6 cylinders)
Crank bend correction, high-precision balance adjustment (pulley + crank), high-precision balance adjustment (flywheel), main bearing adjustment (7 locations), connecting rod bearing adjustment (6 locations)
7・Lubrication system
OIL pump: standard replacement strainer: washing, visual inspection 
OIL filter bracket OIL pressure switch: Visual inspection
OIL pan & baffle: cleaning, visual inspection  
8. Cooling system
Water pump: standard replacement Thermostat: cleaning, visual inspection
Radiator cap: standard replacement Reservoir tank: standard replacement
9. Intake system
Air filter: standard replacement Air flow meter: cleaning, inspection (consultation) 
Surge tank: cleaning, visual inspection Throttle chamber: cleaning, linkage visual inspection
Intake manifold: cleaning, strain check, O-ring replacement
10・Exhaust system
Exhaust manifold: carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning
Exhaust outlet: carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning
Turbine: Thrust, radial backlash, swing valve, actuator opening pressure check, OIL line cleaning
11・Idol system
AAC valve: standard replacement Air regulator: standard replacement
12・Fuel system
Injector: fuel pressure check (bench) O-ring replacement
Pressure regulator: cleaning, inspection (consultation) O-ring replacement
Fuel strainer: standard replacement Fuel hose: standard replacement
Fuel chamber & hose: standard replacement
13.Ignition system
Plug: standard replacement; ignition coil: operation check (bench); power transistor: operation check (bench); EGI sub-harness: standard replacement; coil sub-harness: standard replacement
Crank angle sensor: inspection (consultation) ignition timing adjustment
14.Bench driving
Completion inspection Wrapping, confirmation of normal operation, compression measurement, endoscope inspection, operation confirmation of each sensor Performance test: fully open performance
15.Vehicle mounted
Engine room, etc. Inspection of each part connected to the car body Cooling water air bleeding inspection (LLC)
Engine mount replacement (FR) Engine mount (RR) Transmission member bush replacement
16.Road test
Various meter checks (oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, boost), engine noise, vibration check
Warning light check, clock time adjustment, etc.

Engine block (N1 specification)
Turbine x 2 
Main bearing Connecting rod bearing N1 piston N1 piston ring
Flywheel ASSY clutch cover clutch disc release bearing replacement

Engine system
crank pulley replacement
Lubrication/cooling system
Oil pump, oil level gauge guide, water pump, radiator cap
Reservoir tank Reservoir tank cap replacement

Intake/idle system
AAC valve air regulator replacement

Fuel system
Fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel strainer, fuel delivery pipe, fuel collector tube replacement

Ignition system/Electrical system
EGI sub-harness coil sub-harness oil pressure sensor replacement

Block FR RR connector water pipe heater return pipe water hose FR cover LH RH turbo heater return RR heater return intake manifold RR heater return block heat exchanger short length air hose AAC air tank ~ balance tube hose air regulator IN OUT evaporator hose ENG ~ canister thick and thin Oil return FR RR vacuum control hose actuator FR RR solenoid ~ inlet heater hose 2, 3 heater hose outlet boost hose collector lower OR boost hose throttle chamber boost hose solenoid ~ ENG solenoid ~ ENG ORF included vacuum tank ~ FR pipe vacuum tank ~ relay Circulation valve pressure regulator hose fuel supply hose strainer IN OUT delivery pipe area fuel hose return radiator upper hose lower hose replacement

Timing belt tensioner assembly idler pulley compressor belt
Power steering belt fan belt replacement

Throttle chamber gasket, oil pressure switch, turbo inlet, muffler, engine gasket KIT, metal head gasket, crank angle sensor, heat exchanger O-ring, eyebolt O-ring

Mount related parts engine short parts
Engine mount insulator FR RR transmission member bush engine plate short parts replacement
Rocker cover & collector tank crystal paint (red) o
Ornament exchange 
Final gear set replacement front final rear final
sports resetting kit
Performance damper front installation front tower bar
Air conditioner repair, evaporator liquid tank replacement
Biot front and rear brake rotors

Vehicle details

Engine related
NISMO Omori Factory 2011 Ver engine refresh
N1 brand new block & piston complete engine

Intake and exhaust
NISMO Sports Air Filter
HKS SUS front pipe
HKS sports catalyzer
GANADOR full titanium muffler

Driveline and undercarriage
NISMO Getrag 6-speed conversion KIT
3.9 Final Exchange
NISMO Circuit Link
TEIN MONO FLEX harmonic drive with EDFC
CUSCO Fr upper arm
CUSCO Rr upper arm
CUSCO Rr traction rod

Body related
NISMO Omori factory chassis refresh
NISMO front tower bar front and rear
NISMO performance damper front and rear

Brake related
BNR34GT-R front and rear BREMBO calipers
Biot front and rear slit rotor

Electrical equipment
NISMO dedicated sports resetting ECU
Do-Luck digital G-sensor
NISMO 320KM full scale white 320KM meter
NISMO white triple meter
R134 retrofit air conditioner kit

Exterior related
NISMO Bonnet Hood Top Mall
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO side shell protector
HCR32 OP rear mudguard
NISMO N1 headlight
Cool veil windshield
Qest Japan LED tail
Qest Japan LED back lamp

Tire & wheel
NISMO LM GT4 MB 18x10.5J +15

Interior related
NISMO interior refresh
Optional Alcantara BNR34 GT-R genuine seat OP
NISMO shift boots & side lever boots
NISMO GT shift knob
NISMO floor mat
BNR34 GT-R V-SPEC II foot pedal 4 points
MOMO RACE Steering
Carrozzeria CD audio