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Stock No.BNR32GT-R Bee-R original demo car/HKS2.8&V-CAM GTX3582R turbine/Actual measurement 567PS

☆ Rare! 1993 BNR32 Skyline GT-R! Original demo car from Bee-R! HKS2.8 & V-CAM! GTX3582R turbine! OS Giken 5 speed full cross M/T! Metal Flake Black Pearl!

35,256 KM
Metal Flake Black Pearl


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1993 BNR32 Skyline GT-R HKS 2.8L, V-CAM & GTX3582R dyno measured 567PS.
The body is a former demo car of Bee-R and based on the body that was built up to each spot. It is a car that has been repeatedly modified by Prostock Racing.
It is a recommended vehicle immediately after completion with repeated maintenance and specification changes such as cooling, driveline and braking as well as engine related.
In addition, the exterior has been refreshed with Metal Flake Black Pearl, a late R35GT-R exclusive color, with all glass related parts removed and the mall parts replaced with new ones.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1993 model
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Mileage: 35,256 KM Bee-R meter
Color R35 GT-R late color Metal Flake Black Pearl
Repair history: Yes (rear repair)
Maintenance notebook, record book, instruction manual complete
There are more than 30 sheets such as tuning details

Dynapack 567.2PS
Engine related
Production March 2016 22,936 KM
N1 (24U) cylinder block
Cylinder block dummy head boring/honing
HKS 2.8L KIT base
・HKS forged 86.5Φ piston
・RISING Lightweight H-beam connecting rod
・HKS ultralight full counter crankshaft
NISMO metal bearings
NISMO reinforced timing belt
Cylinder head port processing/combustion chamber capacity matching/valve guide replacement
Tomei head bolt washer
HKS reinforced valve spring
HKSIN 272°8.7mm camshaft
HKS strengthened oil pump
TRUST large capacity oil pan
BNR34 crank pulley
NISMO reinforced engine mount
N1 Water pump
Bee-R aluminum oil catch tank
When the engine is installed Water hose, pipe, heater hose, oil line
Angle sensor etc. Complete set new replacement

Turbine related
GCG TURBO GTX3582R Turbine
GCG stainless exhaust manifold
TURBO SMART waste gate open to the atmosphere

Intake and exhaust
HKS super power flow air cleaner
SARD sports catalyzer
Custom-made silent full titanium muffler

Cooling related
KOYO RACING radiator TYPE-F aluminum 2 layers
TRUST element mobile oil cooler
TRUST Intercooler

Fuel related
TOMEI fuel delivery pipe
TOMEI fuel regulator
SARD 1000cc fuel injector
SARD 5L fuel collector tank
Genuine collector internal fuel pump x 2
SARD in-tank fuel pump

Driveline and undercarriage
OS Giken 5-speed full cross M/T
Rigid mission mount collar
ATS carbon twin clutch SPEC2 1350Kg
Transfer O/H October 2016 26319KM
ATS Carbon LSD 1.8way Rear
ADMIX roll center adjuster
ADMIX long drive shaft set
IKEYA FORMULA tie rod end
NISMO circuit link front lower arm
ARC pillow tension rod
CUSCO Front upper arm
NISMO Rear upper arm (front)
NISMO Rear A-arm
CUSCO Rear upper arm
CUSCO Rear drag rod
ADMIX Rear link color
ADMIX rigid member KIT
NISMO steering bush

Body related
Spot welding on each part of the body
・Engine room ・Windshield opening ・Side glass opening
Rear glass opening, left and right door opening spots increased

Brake related
ENDLESS 6POT caliper & 355Φ rotor (rotor assy new)
ENDLESS CCRg brake pad
BCNR33 GT-R Rear BREMBO caliper
V36 350Φ slit rotor
ABS removal N1 brake master cylinder/brake pipe

Electrical system
Do-Luck Tarzan G-BOX

Instrument related
Bee-R original speedometer
Defi water temperature gauge, exhaust temperature gauge, boost gauge
PLX A/F monitor

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC5 boost controller

Exterior related
NISMO Bonnet Hood Top Mall
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO N1 headlight
Asaka stallion original front carbon lip
Bee-R original front wide fender
NISMO side mudguard
NISMO type Rear Chibi Sport
TOPSECRET Rear carbon diffuser

Interior related
RECARO SPG bucket seat
MOMO Steering
NISMO GT titanium shift knob
Genuine leather shift boot & side lever cover
Carrozeria CD audio
Bee-R original carbon dash cover
Carbon transfer meter panel & shift panel