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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/NISMO aero/BCNR33 genuine seat & BREMBO

☆ Rare! 1994 BNR32 Skyline GT-R! Actual run! NISMO aero! BCNR33 left and right seats! BREMBO!

108,799 KM
White (all paint, original red)


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1994 BNR32 Skyline GT-R with actual mileage of 100,000 km.
The exterior has been repainted from the red including the engine room and everything related to the glass has been removed and painted in genuine white. The finish is very beautiful. In addition, the aero parts are made by NISMO and the brakes are also BREMBO.
The car was previously ownder by a Nissan dealer mechanic and it is a car that has been properly constructed with regular maintenance. It is a reliable and recommended vehicle.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1994
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: White (all paint)
Mileage: 108,799 KM
Repair history: Yes
Maintenance notebook/Record book/Warranty

Maintenance history
July 11, 2001 47,032 KM
January 16, 2002 53,924 KM
June 23, 2003 63,627 KM
July 23, 2005 81,386 KM
June 4, 2006 85,639 KM
July 7, 2007 90,159 KM
July 13, 2009 98,713 KM
July 21, 2011 104,051 KM
August 1, 2013 106,025 KM
October 7, 2014 107,816 KM

Engine related
Body normal

Turbine related
N1 turbine
Enhanced actuator

Cooling related
Blitz intercooler
NISMO radiator cap
BNR34 genuine fan

Exhaust related
HKS SUS front pipe
HKS metal catalyzer
HKS high power muffler

Driveline and undercarriage
NISMO sports clutch KIT
NISMO Stainless clutch hose
Aragosta Harmonic KIT
IMPUL reinforced stabilizer
Multi-link type rear upper link

Body related
NISMO floor reinforcement bar front
NISMO floor reinforcement bar center
Kansai Service Refresh Bar

Brake related
BREMBO R33 GT-R Front caliper & rotor
BREMBO R33 GT-R Rear caliper & rotor

Electrical equipment
Current car setting ECM computer
Bellof HID light

Exterior related
NISMO Bonnet Hood Top Mall
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO side shell protector
NISMO Rear Chibi Sport
TRUST rear side skirt

Tire & wheel
BBS LM 17X9J +20

Interior related
NISMO floor mat
BCNR33GT-R genuine left and right seats
Genuine leather shift boot & side lever cover
MOMO RACE Steering
Genuine Nissan ETC