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Stock No.Produced by PISTO RACING/BNR32GT-R/HKS2.8/SQ6 speed/T88H/800PS

☆Full spot & WIDE! R32GT-R! HKS2.8 & T88H & Hollinger!

22,544 KM


The car we would like to introduce to you this time is the ultimate in perfection! Introducing the 800PS over BNR32GT-R.
The car has been built by PISTO RACING from a completely normal car with just less than 5000km built.
It has been certified so that it can be driven at full speed at Fuji Speedway and also used for everyday riding.
The HKS2.8KIT is machined with head-related parts, the turbine is a T88H-34D, the mission is Hollinger sequential 6-speed and the body has been fully spot welded with wider fenders. The production cost was huge.
When using NOS, the specification is well over 800PS.
This is a car that has been made with great care and the intercooler and radiator are custom made from the core and are V-mounted, making the cooling efficiency incomparable.
Perfect for the circuit season, this is an extremely complete vehicle that can be used on the circuit as is.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1992
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: White
Mileage: 22,544 KM STACK meter
Restoration Due to body cutting and processing

Engine related
N1 (24U) cylinder block
・Dummy head cylinder boring/honing processing
・HKS forged 86.5Φ piston
・HKS H section connecting rod
・HKS forged 77.7 full counter crankshaft
NISMO crank and rod metal bearing
TOMEI UMEDA reinforced oil pump
HKS ATI crank damper pulley
Cylinder head IN/EX port enlargement, combustion chamber capacity matching, IN squish half cut
TOMEI PROCAM IN/EX 280° camshaft
HKS slide cam
HKS reinforced timing belt
TOMEI B-TYPE reinforced valve spring
TOMEI head stud bolt
TOMEI main stud bolt
PISTO RACING original large capacity oil pump
Genuine surge tank processing No. 6 air inflow equalization
N1 water pump
OKUYAMA aluminum oil catch tank

Turbine related
TRUST T88H-34D turbine
HKS exhaust manifold
HKS waste gate
PISTO RACING one-off 100Φ titanium front pipe

Intake and exhaust related
PISTO RACING original titanium suction pipe
K&N air cleaner
PISTO RACING one-off titanium muffler

Fuel related
BOSCH fuel pump x 2
Aluminum collector tank
HKS fuel delivery pipe
SARD 1000cc fuel injector
SRAD fuel regulator
NOS Nitro System

Cooling related
NISMO OIL block #12
TRUST OIL cooler core 2 left and right
One-off production Intercooler production V mount specification
One-off production Aluminum radiator production V-mount specification
SARD aluminum reservoir tank

Driveline and suspension related
ATS Hybrid Carbon LSD Front & Rear 2WAY
TRUST Rear large capacity differential cover
3.7 final gear
Hollinger 6-speed sequential transmission 6th gear 0.832 change
Rear member for BNR34GT-R
・Member welding reinforcement/rigid processing
Manatee Racing Front Pillow Upper Arm
Manatee Racing Front Pillow Tension Rod
Manatee Racing Front Pillow Lower Arm
Manatee racing Rear pillow Traction Rod
Manatee Racing Rear Pillow Upper Link
Manatee Racing Rear Pillow Lower Arm
ARC Front & Rear stabilizer
BNR34GT-R power steering pump

Body related
PISTO RACING Body full spot reinforcement
Group A specification 11-point roll gauge
・Bulkhead penetration (Front strut)
・Rear suspension tower reinforcement
・A&B pillar weld stop
NISMO Front Tower Bar

Brake related
BNR34 Brake master cylinder
AP RACING 6POT front caliper
AP RACING 380Φ front rotor bobbin 8mm specification
BNR34 V-SPEC2 genuine late rear caliper
Biot rear 2 piece 322Φ rotor

Instrument related
HKS exhaust temperature meter
SARD Analyzer A/F monitor
HKS Circuit Attack Counter

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC5 boost controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO PISTO RACING current car settings
GroupA ETS controller

Exterior related
N1 headlight
Abflug front under diffuser
Rear chibi spoiler
ELECTRA dry carbon bonnet
Yanack front 30mm wide fender
FRP MAGIC FRP carbon lightweight door
Cross Factory Side Step & Rear Wide Fender
Rear mudguard

Tires & wheels
ADVAN A048 295/30R18
ADVAN GT 18X11J +15

Interior related
MOMO alcantara steering wheel
NISMO GT shift knob
BRIDE ZIEG bucket seat driver's seat
BRIDE ZETA bucket seat passenger seat
WILLANS 5-point seat belt