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Stock No.BNR32-1994 final model/NISMO R3 turbine Many NISMO parts/NISTUNE ECU current car settings

☆Rare! 1994 final model BNR32 GT-R! Actual mileage 58,000 KM! Indoor storage vehicle! NISMO R3 turbine! NISMO parts! NISTUNE ECU! 

58,751 KM 
Gun Gray Metallic


The car we would like to introduce this time is of the highest quality! We would like to introduce you to the 1994 final model BNR32 Skyline GT-R, which has traveled 58,000 km and has been stored indoors with no repair history.
After purchasing a fully normal top-quality vehicle, the car has been finished with the concept of improving the feeling with dealer maintenanceand refreshing each part such as NISMO's new R3 turbines and injectors. It has a good finish and is very easy to ride without any sluggishness at low rpm.
It's a beautiful car with many of the interior parts, including the glass moldings, have been refreshed.
This vehicle is highly recommended not only for its engine-related uses, but also for its excellent interior and exterior condition.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1994
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: Gun gray metallic
Mileage: 58,751 KM
No repair history
Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main key, spare key

VIPER security x2
VANTURE Drive recorder front and rear cameras & parking monitoring system

Maintenance history
April 15, 1997 9,331 KM
May 29, 1997 10,552 KM
October 16, 1997 15,450 KM
April 8, 1998 18,778 KM
March 19, 1999 19,853 KM
April 7, 2000 21,454 KM
March 29, 2001 24,147 KM
March 7, 2003 26,528 KM
March 30, 2005 30,139 KM
May 18, 2006 31,619 KM
April 26, 2007 33,192 KM
January 29, 2009 33,944 KM Timing belt related replacement
April 22, 2009 33,980 KM
April 21, 2011 34,425 KM
October 13, 2013 34,683 KM Clutch O/H
December 15, 2013 36,532 KM
March 30, 2014 38,590 KM
July 8, 2014 41,270 KM
July 21, 2014 41,655 KM
September 29, 2014 45,045 KM
December 4, 2014 46,285 KM
April 27, 2015 47,651 KM
October 15, 2015 50,036 KM
April 1, 2016 51,344 KM
June 20, 2016 52,007 KM
July 26, 2016 52,076 KM
November 25, 2016 53,094 KM
March 11, 2017 53,592 KM
October 10, 2017 54,690 KM NISMO timing belt, camshaft OIL seal, crank oil seal, head cover packing, engine room sub-harness
April 13, 2019 55,425 KM
May 9, 2019 55,453 KM
September 24, 2020 56,018 KM
September 18, 2021 57,355 KM
September 26, 2023 58,093 KM

Engine related
October 17, 2017 Timing belt related replaced
NISMO reinforced timing belt
Body normal
Genuine Nissan R35GT-R Air Flow Meter

Turbine related
・Exclusive reinforced actuator

Fuel related
SARD 550cc fuel injector
SARD fuel pump

Intake and exhaust related
NISMO Sports Air Filter
NISMO old model stainless steel muffler

Cooling related
TRUST aluminum 2-layer radiator

Suspension related
TEIN TYPE FLEX-Z Full-length vehicle height adjustment

Controller & CPU
Kansai Service Athesa Controller
NISTUNE Current car setting ECM

Brake related
Genuine Nissan front caliper & rotor for ER34
ENDLESS F&R brake pad

Body related
AIBAWORKS Front Tower Bar
AIBAWORKS Rear Tower Bar

Exterior related
NISMO front bonnet hood top molding
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO side shell protector
NISMO rear trunk spoiler
NISMO N1 headlight
December 2014 Front and rear glass moldings, draining moldings, and related exchange

Tires & wheels
NISMO BNR32 exclusive LM-GT4 17X9J +22
POTENZA S001 245/45R17

Interior related
GTR magazine original steering wheel
ROBSON shift boots
ROBSON side brake lever cover
NISMO GT titanium shift knob
NISMO seat cover SET
Caloceria AVIC-ZH07
Caloceria ETC
Indoors etc. LED conversion