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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/HKS2.8KIT T51R SPL&OS sequential 6-speed actual measurement 826PS/4,000KM after production

☆Rare! 1994 final model BNR32 GT-R! HKS2.8KIT & T51R SPL OS sequential 6 speed! Actual measurement 826.9PS 91.1kgm!

109,700 KM
Gun Gray Metallic


The car we would like to introduce to you this time is a 1994 final model BNR32 Skyline GT-R with HKS 2.8KIT, T51R SPL and OS sequential 6-speed, measured 826.9PS, 91.1kgm vehicle.
The car was completely built by the previous owner from normal condition and is in very good condition with about 3-4,000 km since it was built.
In addition, the transmission that receives the engine's power has been strengthened with an OS sequential transmission and enhanced transfer, making this a very complete car.
This is a recommended model for those looking for a higher-grade high-tuned model.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1994
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Mileage 109,700 KM Meter replaced at 76,700 KM Current meter 33,000 KM
Color: Gun gray metallic
Respair history: Yes, rear

Engine related:
Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 KM including break-in after production
・HKS Forged 87Φ Piston
・HKS forged full counter crankshaft
・HKS H section connecting rod
Genuine Nissan (24U) N1 cylinder block
Dummy head boring/honing
NISMO parent and child metal
JUN reinforced oil pump
N1 water pump
JUN IN/EX Advanced camshaft 288°11.8mm camshaft
HKS slide cam sprocket
HKS reinforced timing belt
NAPREC High Response Drag KIT
・Big valve ・Combination valve guide ・Heat-resistant sintered seat ring ・Cam cap stud bolt ・Valve guide replacement ・Seat ring replacement ・Race seat cut (butt-together) ・Water jacket air vent hole processing ・Oversized jacket plug processing ・1.0 Surface grinding and combustion chamber KIT (combustion chamber processing) up to mm
IN/EX port processing etc.
TOMEI head stud bolt
TRUST large capacity oil pan
Q45 80Φ throttle
Garage Saurus solid crank pulley
TRUST Aluminum lightweight pulley KIT
Aluminum oil catch tank

Turbine related:
HKS T51R SPL turbine
TRUST Stainless EX Manifold
TRUST Type C waste gate

Fuel related:
High octane & drag gas 2 systems
NISMO In-tank enhanced fuel pump
BOSCH 2 additional fuel pumps
HKS fuel regulator
TOMEI fuel delivery tank
JAZ 3 gallon fuel cell for drag gas

Cooling related
KOYO aluminum radiator
SARD reservoir tank
TRUST 16 stage oil cooler
TRUST 3-layer intercooler

Intake and exhaust related
One-off aluminum intake suction pipe
HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
HKS racing muffler

Driveline and suspension related
OS Giken Ver2 Sequential 6-speed mission
Blow-by catch tank for mission
OGURA triple plate metal clutch
Enhancement Transfer
Rear shim increase LSD (O/H completed in August 2020)
APEXi N1 coilover KIT

Body related
CUSCO front tower bar
CUSCO rear tower bar

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full scale meter
MINE'S triple meter
HKS 2.5k boost meter

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC boost controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Ver3.24 Current car settings

Brake related
BREMBO F50 caliper & DIXCEL brake rotor
BREMBO R33GT-R genuine caliper & rotor
APP stainless mesh brake line
Brake master cylinder for BNR34
CUSCO brake master cylinder stopper

Exterior related
NISMO Bonnet Hood Top Mall
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO rear trunk spoiler
NISMO N1 headlight
R32OP rear mudguard

Interior related
RECARO RS-G bucket seat
SONY CD audio
ETC Station ETC