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Stock No.BNR32 Skyline GT-R/33 N1 rebuilt engine GT-SS turbine/Kansai service tuning

BNR32 GT-R! Maintenance and tuning by Kansai Service! N1 rebuilt engine! GT-SS turbine! R134a air conditioner KIT! Actual 426PS!

101,444 KM 
Gun Gray Metallic


We would like to introduce a vehicle that has been maintained and refreshed by the prestigious Kansai Service using a N1 (24U) rebuilt engine, 14,000 km since equipped with GT-SS and a measured output of 426PS.
The car was completely refreshed and tuned by Kansai Service at 87,000 km including the enging, turbine, M/T, clutch, suspension, members, arms, bushes and cooling so that it can be driven for a long time. The car is a street tuned vehicle.
The air conditioner has also been replaced with an R134a KIT, so you can continue to drive the car with confidence.
In addition, all of the details below for Kansai Service are available in records.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1990
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Color: Gun gray metallic
Travel: 101,444 KM
Repair history: Rear back panel replacement

Engine related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM
・Equipped with BCNR33 N1 (24U) rebuilt engine
When installed
・TOMEI head metal gasket
・TOMEI metal gasket intake manifold & throttle
・BILLION 71°H/F low temp thermostat
・Genuine crank pulley
・Genuine water hose & air hose related
・Genuine fuel hose replacement
・Genuine power steering hose replacement
October 26, 2021 100,000 KM
・HKS M40 racing plug

Turbine related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM
・HKS GT-SS Sports Turbine KIT

Mount related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM
・NISMO reinforced engine mount
・NISMO reinforced mission mount

Intake and exhaust related
November 21, 2021 100,110 KM
・Nissan genuine air filter replacement
KAKIMOTO rear muffler

Cooling related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM When equipped with engine
・KOYO TYPE-S copper 2-layer radiator
・Radiator bush replacement
April 19, 2013 96,963 KM
・HKS intercooler piping KIT

Driveline and suspension related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM When equipped with engine
・Genuine new replacement for late BCNR33
・NISMO Copper MIX Clutch KIT
・Kansai mission member color
・Clutch master bag
・Clutch master cylinder
・Propeller shaft bearing replacement
・High cast ball joint
・High cast socket boots
・Fr stabilizer link
・Fr stabilizer bush
・NISMO Rear differential mount bush (front)
・NISMO Rear differential mount bush (rear)
・HKS Hyper MAX vehicle height adjustment
May 2, 2010 91,371 KM
・Kansai roll center adapter
・Kansai long tie rod end
・Kansai pillow tension rod
April 19, 2013 96,963 KM
・Kansai tie rod end disassembly and boot replacement
・Genuine Front upper link replacement
・Genuine Front transbar ball joint inside and outside replacement
・Genuine Front stabilizer bush replacement
・Rebuilt steering gear BOX
・NISMO Steering gear box reinforced bush
・Genuine Rear member Assy replacement
・Genuine Rear A arm replacement
・Genuine Rear upper link (front and rear) replacement
・Genuine Rear axle bushing (4 places left and right) replaced
・Genuine Rear shock bush (left and right) replacement
・Genuine high-cast socket boots replacement

Body related
June 19, 2009 89,876 KM
・Kansai lower breath bar
May 2, 2010 91,371 KM hours
・Kansai rear tower bar

Brake related
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM When equipped with engine
・Nissan genuine N1 brake rotor (front and rear)
・ENDLESS CC-A brake pads (front and rear)
・NISMO stainless mesh brake hose

Electrical equipment
May 4, 2014 98,214 KM
・Air conditioner R134a Mikasa communication KIT Assy replacement

Instrument related
October 26, 2021 100,000 KM
・Defi DIN gauge triple meter

Controller & CPU
May 28, 2008 87,308 KM When equipped with engine
・Kansai original computer current car setting
November 3, 2020 101,195 KM
・HKS V-PRO Full Control KIT Kansai current car setting 426.3PS 46.4kgm

Exterior related
NISMO front bumper intake duct

Tires & wheels
ADVAN RG 18X9.5J +22

Interior related
RECARO SR-7 reclining seat left and right
Kansai floor mat
SONY MDX-7400X MD tuner