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Stock No.BNR32 Skyline GT-R/APEX 2.7L RHX6 turbine/Made by JUN Auto Mechanic 

☆Rare! BNR32 Skyline GT-R! Made by JUN Auto Mechanic! APEXi 2.7L! 13,000km since manufacture! 818PS!

43,777 KM 
Wine Red


The car we will be introducing this time is a BNR32 Skyline GT-R made by JUN Auto Mechanic equipped with an APEXi 2.7L and RHX6, commonly known as the F1 Turbine Twin! This is an 818PS vehicle.
The car itself was made in 2010 when it was 29,818 KM but it has only clocked around 13,000 KM since it was made. It has been meticulously maintained by JUN with a resetting also taking place in 2018.
It comes in a rare body color and is a highly tuned model that has been completely finished.

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Vehicle Information
Model year: 1990
Model name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: Wine red
Mileage: 43,777 km
No history of NISMO meter replacement, so this vehicle has been tampered with
Repairs: None

Engine related
Current meter reading 29,818 km O/H 818.5/8170 rpm 80.02/7090 rpm
APEXi V-MAX SPL forged full counter crank
APEXi V-MAX SPL forged piston
APEXi V-MAX SPL H-section connecting rod
Reinforced head stud bolt
Cylinder head processing set
IN TOMEI PRO cam 290-11.5 EX JUN cam 272-11.51
TOMEI lifter reinforced valve sling
HKS reinforced timing belt
JUN reinforced oil pump
N1 water pump
ATI crank damper pulley
TRUST large capacity oil pan
TRUST surge tank
Stainless steel oil catch tank

Turbine related
APEXi IHI RHX6 Twin Yuu Turbine KIT
APEXi wastegate
Special order front pipe
Currently equipped with a muffler made to meet vehicle inspection standards.
818PS turbo outlet, front pipe, non-inspection muffler available

Fuel related
SARD 800cc fuel injector
TRUST fuel delivery pipe
HKS fuel regulator
NISMO in-tank fuel pump
DASH fuel collector tank
BOSCH fuel pump x 2

Cooling related
ARC 3-layer intercooler (100Φ processing)
KOYO aluminum radiator
Setrab oil cooler core (custom-made)

Driveline and suspension related
OS Giken cross transmission
OS Giken triple plate clutch
NISMO quick shift
TEIN SUPER RACING separate tank suspension
NISMO front stabilizer

Body related
CUSCO 6-point rear roll cage

Brake related
Alcon 4-pot caliper
Alcon 355Φ brake rotor
APP stainless steel mesh brake line
HURST line lock system

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC Boost Controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO JUN Auto Mechanic's actual car settings
B1.8kpa Power 818.5/8170rpm Torque 80.02/7090rpm
HKS MIXTURE Controller

NISMO 300KM full scale meter
Defi link meter (water temperature gauge, fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, boost gauge) center
Pillar meter (boost gauge 3.0kpa, exhaust temperature gauge)

NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO bonnet hood top molding
GANADOR carbon aero mirror
VOLK RACING TE37 17X9.5J +12

MOMO COMPETITION steering wheel
BRIDE ZETA III bucket seats (left and right)
JUN rear seat carbon board