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Stock No.R35GT-R Black ED/33,000KM/PHOENIX`sPOWER tuning 633PS

☆ R35 Black ED! Intake, exhaust, brakes, coilovers, ECM & TCM, 633PS!

Black ED
pearl white


We are pleased to introduce you to the following car.
2008 R35GT-R Black ED, low mileage 33,000KM, PHOENIX`sPOWER tuning 633.4PS 90.1Kg, Kansai Aero & Fr wide, excellent degree of perfection, has arrived.
The car has been finished up considering the total balance of intake and exhaust, suspension, brakes, etc.
It is designed to enjoy not only city driving, but also winding and sport driving.
The interior and exterior are in excellent condition and there are no cracks on the dashboard.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2008
Vehicle name NISSAN GT-R
Grade Black ED
Color Pearl White
Mileage 33500KM
No restoration
Inspection November 2023
Complete with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, and 2 smart keys

Standard and OP equipment
HDD navigation system, built-in ETC, color B monitor

Maintenance History
May 25, 2008 1250KM
March 3, 2011 5617KM
March 19, 2013 7111KM
March 26, 2013 7128KM
February 27, 2015 18320KM
December 13, 2017 26908KM
January 21, 2019 29883KM
February 28, 2019 30152KM
November 25, 2019 31200KM
November 22, 2021 32900KM

Engine Body Normal

Intake and Exhaust
TRUST 70Φ Suction KIT
TRUST Air Inx Air Cleaner
TRUST Sports catalyzer 1st & 2nd set
RH9 full titanium muffler

Brake related
Biot Fr 400Φ slit rotor
RH9 Rr380Φ slit rotor
ENDLESS MX72 brake pads

Phoenix Power Solenoid Cleaning Plan
Solenoid valve removal and cleaning
Installation of caps for countermeasures
Moty's M351DCTF
Clutch learning and touch point adjustment

PHOENIX`sPOWER main CPU program Ver8-8
PHOENIX`sPOWER transmission CPU program VerE-4

Front and Rear Hub Knuckle Replacement for MI4 NISMO
NISMO long reinforced M14 bolts
ARAGOSTA SA Ride Height Adjustment KIT
Transbar link bushings replaced for later model

Kansai Service Ver2 Front Carbon Lip Spoiler
Kansai Service Optional Brake Air Ducts
Kansai Service Front Wide Fenders
Kansai Service Rear Bumper Duct
Kansai Service Rear Under Diffuser Fin
SARD Fuji spec M carbon rear wing
CUSCO Tow Hook

Tires & Wheels
TOYO PROXES R1R Fr & Rr 285-35-20
ADVAN GTPremium Fr11J×20+15 Rr11J×20+15

BRIDE STRADIA II REIMS TYPE BL buckskin left and right reclining seats
Door inner grip handles custom reupholstered