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Stock No.R35GT-R Black ED/TOPSECRET/WIDE/GR6 countermeasure car

R35GT-R Black ED, TOPSECRET wide, MT measures car, ECM & TCM 590PS!

black edition
dark metal gray


I would like to introduce to you this car.
TOPSECRET WIDE Full Aero! Transmission O/H and strengthened!
ECM & TCM modification boost up to 600PS.
The car has been frequently finished with aero and exhaust systems since it was fully stock. 2,000 km ago, the transmission O/H and strengthening measures were done, and at the same time, the brake system was strengthened.
It has not been driven on the circuit, and has been enjoyed as a daily driver. The interior and exterior are very clean, as well as the engine.
Please take a look at the details of the car and its modifications below, and we look forward to your continued patronage.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2008
Vehicle name NISSAN GT-R
Grade Black ED
Color Dark Metal Gray
Mileage 59773KM
No repairs
No Inspection
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty Book, Instruction Manual

Standard and OP equipment
HDD navigation system, color B monitor, power front seats, built-in ETC
Premium sport floor mats, VIN number engraved on glass

Calls and Special Inspections
2010 S691 steering lock recall & flywheel housing replacement
2015 Steering column recall countermeasure completed
2015 Service campaign has been implemented

Exhaust related
SARD First Pipe
TRUST Circuit Spec Center Pipe
T/S Stainless Steel Rear Muffler

Suspension related
Mar. 29 09 Damper NEKO Corporation O/H Original Damping Damper
NEKO Corporation Damptronic Type Ride Height Adjustment Adaptor

Drivetrain Related
Oct 2019 57787KM at 58000KM GR6 O/H & Strengthening measures (Kansai Service)
Clutch O/H
Oil pump O/H
Clutch oil pressure sensor
ACM line pressure sensor replacement
E-TS unit Assy replacement
Genuine OIL filter replacement
Genuine OIL strainer replacement
HKS DCT fluid replacement
HKS strengthened transmission OIL pan

Brake (Rotor replacement in October 2019 at 57787KM)
RH9 Fr390Φ slit rotor
RH9 Rr380Φ slit rotor
DIXCEL TYPE-Z brake pads

G-STYLE G-Technic Engine Computer
MY13 modified transmission program

Stock MY14 Super Wide Beam Head Lamps
TOPSECRET Full Bumper KIT Ver2
TOPSECRET Upper Canard
Late Model DAY Lights
TOPSECRET Front Under Diffuser Ver2
TOPSECRET Front Wide Fender
TOPSECRET Front Fender Duct
TOPSECRET Carbon LED Mirrors
TOPSECRET Rear Under Bumper Ver2
TOPSECRET carbon side diffuser
Rear Back FOG Lamp for Latter Term
TOPSECRET Rear carbon over fender
TOPSECRET Carbon Fiber Rear GT Wing RT
Front Tow Hook
Complete 4 Light Tail KIT
LED Rear Side Markers

Tires & Wheels
VOLK RACING TE37ULTRA Fr11J×20+15 Rr11J×20+5
POTENZA RE71R Fr285-35/20 Rr285-35/20