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Stock No.R35GT-R PHOENIX POWER Tuning / MT preventive measures car / 625PS actual measurement


Ultimate Metal Silver


We are pleased to introduce to you this vehicle.
2008 R35GT-R PHOENIX POWER Tuning & Maintenance, 625PS 93Kgm actual measurement, is now in stock.
The car has been fully tuned and maintained by Phoenix Power, including the latest M/T preventive measures (480,000 yen plan), housing, ECU settings, etc. The suspension has been tuned and maintained by AZUR, and the engine has been tuned and maintained by AZUR.
The suspension has been verified with AZUR's original Super Ohlins dampers and mid-term bushings.
This vehicle is in excellent condition and has a total balance of the interior and exterior as well as the engine.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2008
Vehicle name NISSAN GT-R
Grade Standard model
Color Ultimate Metal Silver
Mileage 80934KM, manufacturer's claim has been replaced (current meter: 57490KM)
No repairs
Inspection August 2023
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty, Instruction Manual, 2 Smart Keys
Tuning details and power check sheet

Standard and OP equipment
HDD navigation system, power front seats, built-in ETC
Color rear view monitor

Maintenance History
September 25, 2008 3610KM
October 7, 2008 3891KM
November 24, 2008 5025KM
March 7, 2009 6835KM
May 15, 2009 9746KM
July 29, 2009 11232KM
March 11, 2010 14264KM S691 steering lock installed
July 4, 2010 15300KM
July 8, 2011 18063KM
July 18, 2013 21913KM
July 16, 2014 23421KM
July 21, 2014 23444KM (service campaign meter replacement)
July 18, 2015 24565KM Current meter 1121KM
July 19, 2017 47857KM Current meter 24413KM
July 29, 2008 58850KM Current meter 35406KM
July 22, 2019 70968KM Current meter 48524KM
July 30, 2021 78572KM Current meter 55128KM
July 11, 2022 Distance not stated

Engine body stock

TRUST Sports Catalyzer (1st & 2nd)
TOP SPEED Titanium Rear Muffler

ECU 625.65PS 93.41Kgm
E/G PHOENIX POWER Dyno Pack, current car setting Ver11.4
M/T PHOENIX POWER Transmission program 2013 model revision VerN3

Transmission related
PHOENIX POWER New Transmission O/H Preventive Adjustment Strengthening Plan (480,000 yen)
Original pressure sensor replacement Clutch A & B, 2 locations in total
Special transmission data
C-ring dropout prevention processing
OIL pump oil pressure increase & passage expansion
ETS OIL replacement
Transmission solenoid cleaning plan (install countermeasure cap)
M/T OIL element and strainer filter replacement
Moty`s M351 DCTF oil change
2015 Flywheel housing replacement

AZUR Super Ohlins Suspension KIT 
Nissan Genuine Mid-term or later, transverse bushing
Nissan Genuine Mid-term or later, transverse pin
Nissan genuine mid or later, disc eccentric

ENDLESS Front Defazer
BRANEW Side Steps
NISMO Blue Lens Mirrors
R35 Mid model Dark chrome color coated aluminum wheels
PIRELLI P-ZERO Fr255-40-20 Rr285-35-20

Genuine HDD navigation system & B-camera
GP mirror Moonbeam series AUTO mirror
Carrozzeria ZH0009 Cyber Navi (Digital Terrestrial, HDD Navi, CD, DVD/B Camera)
Carrozzeria Cruise counter unit
Carrozzeria Tweeter Speakers
Grlleyra Steering learning remote control
KENWOOD DRV-610 Drive Recorder
YUPITERU FM Infinity Radar