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Stock No.R35-Black Edition/3.8L Enhanced E/G & 700R Turbine/825PS made by Rush factory

☆R35 GT-R Black Edition! Produced by Rush factory! 3.8L reinforced engine & BLITZ 700R turbine! 7 disc clutch!

Black Edition
89,615 KM
Dark Metal Gray


The car we would like to introduce this time is Rush factory's 825 PS 3.8L reinforced engine & BLITZ700R turbine intake/exhaust/drive/cooling/braking total tuning R35GT-R black ED.
The car has undergone all maintenance and tuning by Rush factory from full normal, and it is a car that has put in all the know-how regarding engine, drive, braking, suspension, and cooling.
It is a car that you can enjoy with peace of mind from street to circuit driving.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2008
Car name: NISSAN GT-R
Grade: Black Edition
Color: Dark metal gray
Mileage: 89,615 KM January 2021 Replaced NISMO meter at 77,276 KM 12,239 KM Record book complete
No repair history
No vehicle inspection
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual

Standard and OP equipment
HDD navigation, color B monitor, built-in ETC, Thatcham security

825PS 115kg

Engine related
Produced in November 2020 12,000 KM after production
HKS STEP2 forged piston
HKS H-beam connecting rod
RSE SPEC-R IN 274°11.3mm EX274°11.3mm camshaft
RSE reinforced valve spring set
New engine cylinder block
New cylinder head left and right banks
Brand new crankshaft
New late thermostat
New medium-term water pump
New flywheel housing
Rush factory original 62Φ BIG throttle
Rush factory original oil cooler thermo killer
4Ber pressure sensor
TOPSECRET aluminum oil catch tank

Turbine related
Blitz 4862GTR-700R bolt-on turbo KIT

Fuel related
DEATSCHWERKS 265L/h fuel pump x 2
GCG Injector dynamics 1050cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust
TRUST 80Φ Suction KIT
Blitz air cleaner
TRUST aluminum intake pipe set
TRUST front pipe
SARD sports catalyzer
FUJIMURA AUTO Dual Sound Muffler

Cooling related
June 2021 Replacing genuine processed reinforced radiator
・Electric fan motor interchangeable left and right
TOPSECRET aluminum reservoir tank
21430-JF10B 1.8K high pressure radiator cap

Drive system
NEKO C-ring dropout prevention measures implemented
NEKO differential final support
Kansai Service Rear LSD
November 2020
&#183; 1.5M TCM replacement for 2021 model
・Clutch 7 disc clutch mission hydraulic pressure increase
February 2020
・MT pressure sensor replacement

Suspension related
Rush factory original Ryu damper
・Original rear upper adapter
・Original front spring 8-22K
・Original rear spring 8-14K
・Helper spring 0.8k & suspension + spacer
MCR front upper arm set
NISMO M14 reinforced long hub bolt

Brake related
Endless Racing E-SLIT Front 380Φ rotor
Endless Racing E-SLIT Rear 380Φ rotor
ENDLESS ccrg brake pads
ENDLESS Stainless mesh brake line
ENDLESS carbon brake air guide

Controller & CPU
Rushfactory current car settings
NEKO Atesar Controller

Electrical equipment
AV unit replaced
mega life battery

Exterior related
TOPSECRET front carbon under diffuser
TOPSECRET front wide fender
MCR carbon side step
TOPSECRET rear over fender
TOPSECRET rear side diffuser
TOPSECRET carbon muffler guard
VARIS carbon trunk
VARIS GT-WING Euro Edition
VARIS tow hook
Bonnet pop-up canceller
ADVAN GT Front 20x10J+35 Rear 20x11J+15

Interior related
Rush factory original steering KIT
WorksBell quick release boss kit
BRIDE ZEAG III type R bucket seat
HPI floor bar
Carbon shift center panel
carbon control panel