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Stock No.R35GT-R-GR6 Full O/H reinforced/Valve muffler & catalyzer & ECM & TCM/600PS

☆ R35 GT-R! GR6 full O/H & enhanced measures! Intake/exhaust, cooling & braking! Over 600PS

68,817 KM
Dark Grey Metallic


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 2008 R35GT-R 600PS with outstanding perfection! Mission O/H & reinforcement measures have been completed.
The car is an introduction of a car with a very high degree of perfection with everything from intake and exhaust, driveline, cooling, braking, suspension, exterior and interior.
In addition to regular maintenance, in June 2021, NEKO Corporation has completed mission O/H and clutch O/H as part of the strengthening plan.
It is a recommended vehicle that has a well-balanced finish from intake and exhaust to driveline, cooling and braking.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2008
Car name: GT-R
Grade: Base Grade
Mileage: 68,817 KM (October 16, 2013 37,594 KM meter replacement. Current meter 31,223 KM. Dealer replacement)
Repair history: None
Color: Dark grey metallic
HDD navigation, built-in ETC, color back monitor
with Clifford security
Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual

☆ Maintenance and inspection record book ☆
June 2008 1,598 km Nissan Osaka
July 2008 2,026 km Nissan NHPC Takarazuka
November 2008 2,827 km Nissan Osaka
May 2009 4,255 km Nissan NHPC West Tokyo
February 2010 10,629 km Nissan NHPC West Tokyo
April 2010 12,594 km Nova Engineering
August 2010 16,045 km Nova Engineering
September 2010 17,140 km Nova Engineering
January 2011 19,368 km Nova Engineering
February 2011 20,428 km Nova Engineering
April 2011 21,305 km Nova Engineering
November 2011 24,610 km Nova Engineering
May 2012 28,206 km Nova Engineering
March 2013 33,492 KM
August 2013 36,413 km N-SPEED
October 2013 37,594 km Nissan Kanagawa Meter LED defective meter replacement
May 2015 8,924 KM
May 2017 14,022 KM
May 2019 20,745 KM
June 2021 29,662KM NEKO Corporation mission O/H & strengthening measures
July 2021 29,662 KM

☆ Engine related ☆
SAURUS reinforced actuator
SAURUS big throttle
Blitz blow off valve x2

☆ Fuel related ☆
SAURUS 830cc injector
Large capacity fuel pump

☆ Cooling related ☆
HKS DCT cooler

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
Blitz SUS power air cleaner
SAURUS full piping kit
HTF turbine outlet
HTF front pipe
Akagaki racing down pipe
SARD metal catalyzer
Akagaki racing muffler with switching valve

☆ Suspension related ☆
Neko Corporation Dumptronic car harmonic adapter

☆ Driveline related ☆
June 2021 NEKO Corporation mission O/H & strengthening measures
・Mission body O/H
・Pressure sensor x 3 replacement
・Hydraulic circuit expansion hydraulic pressure up
・Clutch O/H & case replacement
・Prevents C-ring from falling off
・MotyS M351 DCT oil

☆ Brake related ☆
HTF 400Φ front brake rotor
PAGIT yellow front brake pad
HTF 400Φ rear brake rotor
ENDLESS CC-Rg rear brake pad

☆ Wheel & tire related ☆
RAYS VOLK RACING G12 20 inch wheels
Front: 10J +30 Rear: 11J +15
Michlin Pilot SportCUP2 285/35R20

☆ Electrical related ☆
HTF Current vehicle matching CPU
HKS EVC5 boost controller

☆ Exterior related ☆
KANSAI SERVICE carbon front lip
KANSAI SERVICE front tow hook
HASEMI SPORTS carbon grill
ZELE carbon side step
TOP SECRET carbon rear wing
MINES carbon rear under
HASEMI SPORTS tail protector

☆ Interior related ☆
RSW carbon audio panel
RSW carbon inner shift panel
Genuine MFD liquid crystal claim replacement (October 2013)
NEKO Corporation Navigation AV unit repair (August 2020)

☆ Others ☆
CLIFFORD G5 security system