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Stock No.R35-Premium ED/3.8L reinforced engine & TD06-20G LINNEY reinforced clutch/862PS made by PHOENIX's POWER

☆ R35GT-R! Produced and maintained by PHOENIX's POWER! Enhanced 3.8L engine! TD06-20G! Linney enhanced clutch and overhauled GR6 mission!

Premium Edition
70,962 KM 
Pearl White


The car we will are introducing this time is produced by PHOENIX'S POWER's in ultimate perfection. Enhanced 3.8L engine spec measuring 862.51PS 108.74Kgm, TD06-20G turbines, Linney reinforced clutch, front and rear ATS LSDs and full pillow suspension arms.
It is a car that has been manufactured and maintained by PHOENIX's POWER from full normal.
It has been driven only on the street without any hard driving, is in very good condition and all the weak points unique to the previous term have been addressed.
It is a car that is very easy to drive and can be ridden with confidence even for everyday use.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2007
Car name: NISSAN GT-R
Grade: Premium Edition
Color: Pearl white
Mileage: 70962KM
No repair history
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, smart key x 2

Genuine and option equipment
HDD navigation, BOSE sound, built-in ETC, color back monitor
・ Terrestrial digital full seg

New dashboard replaced
Engine main harness replaced

Engine related
Manufactured in February 2018
3.8L reinforced
New replacement parts at the time of production
・Cylinder block ・Crankshaft ・Bearings ・Timing chain ・Valve ・OIL pump ・Strainer
Phoenix's Power original forged piston & connecting rod set

Turbine related
TRUST TD06SH-20G turbine KIT
・Stainless steel 48Φ exhaust manifold
・TiAL 38Φ V-Band type wastegate
・Muffler front tube SUS60φ-70φ×2
・AIRINX AY-S x 2, suction tube 70φ-80φ x 2, compression tube 60φ x 2

Fuel related
SARD 295L x 2 fuel pump
SARD 900cc fuel injector
PHOENIX'sPOWER original RB26 regulator attachment system/power line

Intake and exhaust
TRUST suction pipe
TRUST intercooler piping
TRUST down pipe
RH9 original 90Φ titanium Y pipe
RH9 rear titanium muffler

Cooling related
TRUST TYPE29 intercooler KIT
Phoenix's Power original reinforced radiator

Driveline related
Linney T800 clutch
Linney billet clutch bucket
ATS F&R carbon LSD

Phoenix Power GR6 mission O/H preventive enhancement plan
Replace the C-ring with a reinforced product
Check the oil seal of the pull case
Enlarged oil passage
Removal of part of the vinyl part of the oil pump gasket
Addition of shims to increase hydraulic pressure
Cleaning the oil pump filter
Confirmation of protrusion of oil pump guide
Clutch disc clearance adjustment
ETS oil change
MT solenoid valve cleaning plan set (including MT oil)
Clutch pressure sensor A/B replacement (made in USA)
Mission CPU program data input

TRUST washer tank

Suspension related
AUTO STAFF front lower arm pillow bush replacement
AUTO STAFF front shock pillow bush replacement
TOPSECRET front super upper arm
AUTO STAFF rear shock pillow bush replacement
AUTO STAFF rear lateral link pillow bush replacement
AUTO STAFF rear lower link pillow bush replacement
AUTO STAFF rear third link pillow bush replacement
AUTO STAFF rear upper pillow bush replacement
TOPSECRET rear camber arm
TOPSECRET rear tension arm
TOPSECRET rear toe control arm
NISMO Fr stabilizer
Kansai Service Rr Stabilizer
Alagosta coilover

Instrument related
Phoenix's Power original meter LED replacement

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC6iR boost controller
Main CPU program 2010 model revision Ver13-7
Mission CPU program 2013 model revision VerN-3

Brake related
RH9 400Φ big rotor KIT front
RH9 400Φ big rotor KIT rear
Endless swivel racing brake line
Endless MX72plus PCR117 front brake pad
Endless MX72plus PCR116 front brake pad

Exterior related
Nissan genuine late model lightning bolt headlight
Genuine Nissan late model LED tail lamp
Phoenix's Power front mask system TYPE-1
PHOENIX's POWER side step system
TOPSECRET MY11 or later rear under bumper
Rear back FOG lamp
TOPSECRET bonnet damper
Phoenix's Power original side marker

Tire & wheel
POTENZA RE71RS Front 255/40R20 Rear 285/35R20
BBS RI-D DURA Front RI003 20X10J +35 Rear RI004 20X11J +15

Interior related
NISMO AT indicator finisher
NISMO shift knob
Phoenix's Power original interior LED replacement
Durement GT358 steering
New dashboard Replaced