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Stock No.R35-Black ED/NEKO Corporation Mission O/H Strengthening Measures Implementation/ECM&TCM590PS

☆Rare! R35 GT-R! Black ED! 2019 Neko Corporation! GR6 mission full O/H! Enhancement measures implemented! ECM&TCM rewritten! DCT cooler! 590PS!

Black Edition
52,991 KM
Pearl White


The car we would like to introduce to you this time is the 2008 NISSAN GT-R Black ED which has been fully maintained and has an outstanding 590PS.
The car was completely normal when purchased in 2016 and finished in-house. The ECM & TCM has been rewritten, the suspension, brakes, DCT cooler, etc has been upgraded.
Additionally, in 2019, NEKO Corporation implemented mission O/H and strengthening measures were completed. In 2021 we also implemented preventive strengthening measures for cooling including radiators.
The dashboard has been replaced with a new one after we took it into stock, so the interior of the car is also very clean.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2008
Car name: NISSAN GT-R
Grade: Black Edition
Color: OP Pearl White
Mileage: 52,991 KM September 15, 2014 34,340 KM Meter exchange Current meter 18,651 KM Dealer record available
No repair history
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, and smart key x 2

Factory equipment and options
HDD navigation, VICS beacon, color B monitor, built-in ETC, front seat power seat, premium sports floor mat

Manufacturer recall and countermeasure history
June 17, 2010 S691 (Steering lock)
March 15, 2021 3570/3507 (Pop-up actuator/steering column)

Maintenance history
March 6, 2008 843 KM
June 19, 2008 2,412 KM
December 18, 2008 6,447 KM
September 24, 2009 12,951 KM
January 14, 2010 14,411 KM
June 17, 2010 16,099 KM
December 25, 2010 18,561 KM
January 9, 2013 27,013 KM
January 23, 2014 31,554 KM
September 15, 2014 34,340 KM Due to fault, meter replaced, flywheel housing replaced, TV display unit replaced, select switch replaced
December 20, 2014 35,326 KM Current meter 986 KM
January 18, 2017 43,140 KM Current meter 8,800 KM
October 7, 2019 50,170 KM Current meter 15,830 KM
October 11, 2021 52,440 KM Current meter 18,100 KM

Engine related
Body normal

Cooling related
2021 Approximately 52,000 KM Water reinforcement measures
・KOYO aluminum radiator
・Fan modulator replacement
・Fan motor replacement
・Thermostat replacement
・Silicon radiator hose replacement
・Reservoir tank replacement
・Radiator cap replacement

Exhaust related
Stainless steel rear muffler

Transmission related
April 2016 41,000 KM
・HKS DCT cooler KIT installation
・Mission solenoid cleaning and countermeasure cap installation
・Moty's M351DCTF
Mission O/H at approximately 51,000 KM in November 2020
Implemented M/T O/H & reinforcement measures at NEKO Corporation

Suspension related
ZEAL Function Spring rate change order car height

Brake related
DIXCEL Front 400Φ slit brake rotor
DIXCEL Rear 380Φ slit brake rotor
TOPSECRET carbon brake air guide

Control relationship
G-STYLE original ECM data rewriting
MY13 TCM data repro

Exterior related
Kansai service front carbon lip spoiler
ZELE carbon side step
ZELE carbon rear under spoiler
Front HID headlight for MY11 mid-term model and later
US specification front side marker

Interior related
October 2020: New and countermeasured Nissan genuine dashboard replacement
premium sports floor mats
ECLIPSE drive recorder