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Stock No.R35 Spec-V / Exclusive Color Ultimate Opal Black / MINE'S Tuning & Maintenance

☆R35 GT-R Spec-V! Exclusive Ultimate Opal Black! Engine replacement! Transmission overhaul! Strengthening measures! MINE'S tuning!

74,519 KM
Ultimate Opal Black


The car we will be introducing today is a rare R35 GT-R high-spec model SpecV in exclusive Ultimate Opal Black, a MINE'S tuned and maintained vehicle.
The car was finished by the prestigious MINE'S with strengthening of the intake, exhaust and fuel systems so as not to compromise the rare SpecV concept.
In addition to special parts, it is a highly complete vehicle equipped with many other parts such as NordRing dry carbon parts.
It has also been well maintained with regular maintenance, a transmission overhaul with strengthening measures and the engine being replaced with a stock engine removed at MINE'S when the car had 3,000 km from new.
The car is in excellent condition, both inside and out as well as in all aspects of its engine life.

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Vehicle Information
Model year: 2009
Model name: GT-R
Grade: SPEC-V
Color: LAC special body color - Ultimate Opal Black
Mileage: 74,519 KM
August 28, 2011: meter replaced at dealer at 34,213 KM
Record book complete
Current meter: 40,306 KM
34,213 KM + 40,306 KM = 74,519 KM
Repair: None
Maintenance book, record book, warranty, instruction manual, and 2 smart keys included
NordRing carbon smart key case

Standard equipment and options
HDD navigation system, BOSE sound, built-in ETC
March 2023 G-LUSTER coating

Maintenance history
March 4, 2009 3,716 KM
June 15, 2009 7,857 KM
July 9, 2009 8,546 KM Nismo sports reset
August 5, 2009 10,413 KM
December 11, 2009 17,556 KM
February 4, 2010 19,597 KM
May 1, 2010 21,792 KM
September 1, 2010 25,263 KM
September 16, 2010 25,276 KM Transmission replaced Nissan Prince Tokyo Sales
January 21, 2011 30,284 KM
February 4, 2011 30,637 KM
August 28, 2011 34,213 KM Speedometer replaced Motorsports Room
October 22, 2011 1,063 KM
February 18, 2012 3,468 KM
June 28, 2012 6,768 KM (4,0981 KM) Sports resetting removed
August 7, 2012 7,891 KM
March 20, 2013 15,837 KM Service campaign S755 implemented
April 4, 2013 15,863 KM
May 10, 2019 35,108 KM
February 7, 2020 36,671 KM
February 18, 2022 38,618 KM

Engine related
April 16, 2017
Replaced a fully original engine with about 3,000 km in stock at MINE'S
When replaced, a new genuine front differential assembly
HKS 800cc fuel injector

Intake and exhaust related
MINE'S VX air filter
MINE'S titanium suction pipe kit
MINE'S Super Outlet PRO II
MINE'S Super catalyzer II
Titanium alloy exhaust muffler

Cooling related
MINE'S intercooler hard pipe kit

Fuel related
HKS reinforced fuel pump kit

Controller & CPU
EVC6 boost controller
MINE'S ECM VX-ROM TYPE-X 800cc specification data
MINE'S TCM Ver2.0 transmission data repro

Drivetrain related
MINE'S April 2015 GR6 transmission overhaul, reinforced parts installed
Solenoid cleaned
Clutch clearance adjustment
2 adjustment shims added
Oil pump oil pressure increase, 1 set of shims
Reinforced clutch housing
3 TM oil pressure sensors replaced

Brake related
SpecV exclusive Front Brembo aluminum monoblock opposed 6-pod caliper (silver)
SpecV exclusive Rear Brembo aluminum monoblock opposed 4-pod caliper (silver)
SpecV exclusive Brake air guide
DIXCEL Front 390Φ brake rotor
DIXCEL Front brake pad
DIXCEL Rear 380Φ brake rotor
DIXCEL Rear brake pad

Exterior related
NordRing Front Lip Spoiler Set Dry Carbon 569,000 yen
NordRing Bonnet Intake Duct Dry Carbon 143,000 yen
NordRing Front Fender Outlet Cover Dry Carbon 83,600 yen
NordRing Trunk Lid Spoiler Dry Carbon 81,400 yen
NordRing Rear Wing Dry Carbon 902,000 yen
NISMO Rear Diffuser Fin
SpecV Exclusive Carbon Front Grille
SpecV Exclusive SPEC-V Exclusive Rays Lightweight Wheels
NISMO SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST NR1 Front 245/45R20 Rear 285/35R20 2021 Model

Interior related
Lightweight carbon seat made by RECARO for SpecV
Carbon fiber rear woofer panel for SpecV
MINE'S leather steering wheel
Carbon air conditioner control unit assembly for mid-term model
Carbon shift panel
Premium sports floor mats
Super Cat GWR71sd radar detector
JAFMate Driving recorder Dora Dora 6