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Stock No.R35-Premium ED/TD06-20RX turbine LINNEY clutch/PHOENIX's POWER tuning

☆ Rare! R35 GT-R! Premium ED! Aurora Flare Blue Pearl! TD06-20RX turbine! LINNEY clutch! ENDLESS MONO 6POT caliper! PHOENIX's POWER tuning! Actual output 843PS!

Premium Edition
102,129 KM
Aurora Flare Blue Pearl 


The car we are introducing is an R35 Premium ED PHOENIX's POWER tuned vehicle in the rare color Aurora Flare Blue Pearl.
The car is fitted with a TRUST turbine kit as well as intake and exhaust systems with an actual measured output of 843 PS.
The transmission has also undergone an overhaul and a preventive adjustment strengthening plan.
New brakes were also installed in February of this year.
We will be providing details about the car and maintenance records below, so please read on until the end.

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Vehicle Information
Model year: 2010 (MY11)
Model name: NISSAN GT-R
Grade: Premium Edition
Color: Aurora Flare Blue Pearl
Mileage: 102,129KM
Repaired: Yes, left rear fender
Maintenance book, record book, warranty, and instruction manual included

Special and optional equipment:
BOSE sound and HDD navigation system, terrestrial digital unit, power and heated seats, glass engraving, daytime running light kill switch

Engine related
Main body normal
TOPSECRET Aluminum oil catch tank

Turbine related
TRUST TD06-20RX turbine kit (2022)

Fuel related
SARD 295L/H fuel pump
SARD 900cc injector

Intake and exhaust related
TRUST suction kit 80ΦSPL
TRUST center pipe
RH9 full titanium muffler

Cooling related
TRUST TYPE29F intercooler KIT
TRUST aluminum intake pipe KIT
TRUST FV2 blow-off valve
HKS DCT cooler KIT
JUN aluminum reservoir tank
SAMCO silicon radiator hose SET

Driveline and suspension related
PHOENIX's POWER Mission O/H preventive adjustment reinforcement plan implemented (2020)
LINNEY reinforced clutch disc
LINNEY forged clutch basket
Aragosta height adjustable suspension KIT
Kansai Service front upper arm (officially certified)
Kansai Service front reinforced stabilizer

Brakes related (2024)
ENDLESS RACING MONO 6POT caliper (custom color)
ENDLESS 400Φ front brake rotor
ENDLESS RACING MONO 6POT caliper (custom color)
ENDLESS 387Φ rear brake rotor
ENDLESS stainless mesh brake line

Controller & CPU
HKS ATSC ATSC controller
HKS EVC6IR2.4 boost controller
PHOENIX'S POWER actual vehicle settings
Boost 1.46K 843.11PS 102.54kgm ・ 1.51K 870.74PS 104.93Kgm

Genuine Nissan LED Tail Lamp for Later Models
Kansai Service Front Wide Fender
PHOENIX's POWER Front Mask System TYPE II + Circuit Spec
PHOENIX's POWER Carbon Double Canard
PHOENIX's POWER Side Step System
PHOENIX's POWER MY17 Tail Finisher
PHOENIX's POWER MY17 Rear Under Side Step
PHOENIX's POWER MY17 Rear Under Duct
Genuine Nissan Rear Bumper Assy for MY17
Genuine Nissan Rear Under Bumper for MY17
ESPRIT Carbon GT Wing

Tires & Wheels
POTENZA RE71RS 285/35R20 front and rear

RECARO RS-G bucket seats
TAKATA 4-point seat belts
Kansai Service floor mats