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Stock No.BNR34-V-SPEC / Lots of dealer maintenance / Complete late-model V2 specification

BNR34V-SPEC! Complete late V2 specification! Exterior and interior! 30 pieces of dealer maintenance! 30 dealer maintenance! Excellent condition vehicle!



This time, I'd like to introduce you to a car.
The BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC to full late-model V-SPEC2 is a dealer-maintained vehicle.
The car has been maintained and refreshed by a Nissan dealer since new, and is in excellent condition inside and out.
It's a great way to get the most out of your time with your family and friends.
The car is in excellent condition and has been fully serviced, including new windows and moldings.

For inquiries please call: +81-90-9623-1633

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Vehicle Information
◇ ◇◇ Car details & modification details ◇◇ ◇◇

□ ☆☆☆Car Details ☆☆☆ □
Year: 1999
Car Name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC
Mileage 86235KM February 2020, NISMO meter replaced at 85012KM, current meter 1221KM replaced, actual running car.
Color White
Inspection February 2022
Maintenance Book, Record Book, Warranty Book, Manual

Maintenance History ☆☆☆ Maintenance History ☆☆☆ □
Maintenance History 
All maintenance done at Nissan dealer.
April 9, 1999 785km
August 28, 1999 3870km
February 19, 2000 7503KM
February 10, 2001 12383KM
August 11, 2001 18980KM
January 28, 2005 47516KM
February 8, 2006 50424KM
February 2, 2007 53626KM
February 15, 2008 56436KM
February 6, 2009 58415KM
February 6, 2010 61133KM
February 4, 2011 63380KM
February 11, 2012 64348KM
February 15, 2013 66084KM
February 21, 2014 67521KM
February 5, 2015 67963KM
February 26, 2016 68178KM
March 24, 2017 68969KM Steering wheel replacement
April 27, 2017 69110KM Front and rear suspension replacement 
August 29, 2017 71970KM
February 9, 2018 76030KM
May 20, 2018 78851KM
October 19, 2018 80076KM
January 25, 2019 81743KM
July 21, 2019 82993KM
November 4, 2019 84150KM Injectors x 6 Ignition coils x 6 replaced
December 23, 2019 84501KM
February 4, 2020: Meter replaced at 85012km with record book replacement history.
June 2, 2020 688km 
June 23, 2020 718km

Other details ☆☆☆ Other details ☆☆☆ □
Other Details
Full stock car
New injector replaced 1 year after 2040.
New genuine ignition coil, 1 year 2043.
New stock engine compartment sub-harness, 2 years 2042
Newly replaced all hoses and clips on the intake manifold side. 2 years, 2020
Newly installed genuine brake booster hose and check valve, 2020
Newly replace the stock radiator, upper and lower hoses. 2040
New stock vacuum hose and clamp in engine compartment, 2040

Intake & Exhaust
NISMO S-TUNE air filter

R-TUNE Brake Pads

V-SPEC2 Stock Front Seats (Right & Left)
V-SPEC2 Stock Rear Seat
V-SPEC2 Stock front door lining
V-SPEC2 Stock rear side panel
V-SPEC2 Stock foot pedal
Carrozzeria AVIC-ZH0007 Navigation / Terrestrial Digital
Newly replaced the genuine shift lever boot in 2009.
Newly replaced the control lever knob.
Newly replaced the steering wheel.
New door switch cover (stock), replaced in 2001
Roof lining replaced in 2020

V-SPEC2 stock carbon fiber hood
V-SPEC2 stock front bumper rear turn signal
V-SPEC2 Stock Side Turn Clear Turn Signals
V-SPEC2 Stock rear side panel
Trunk emblem for later model
NISMO carbon fiber pillar panel
Stock Rear Window (Clear) Newly replaced in 2009
Stock rear window (clear), new replacement, 2009
Newly replaced genuine weather strips (right and left) 2019
Newly replaced genuine door outside molding. 1 year, 2040