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Stock No.BNR34GT-R V-SPEC2/NISMO OmoriFactroy R1/1 owner

BNR34V2! NISMO R1 full conversion! Chassis refresh! Z-TUNE specs!

bayside blue


We are pleased to introduce to you a 2001 BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC II NISMO Omori Factroy R1 N1 rebuild EG base full conversion & Omori Factroy chassis refresh menu + OP full Z-TUNE specs 1 owner The vehicle has arrived.
The car has been serviced and inspected at NHPC Akashi since new, and E/G and refreshments have been carried out at Omori Factroy by land transportation each time.
The car has also been regularly serviced and replaced by Omori Factroy.
This is a fully complete car with a very high degree of perfection.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2001
Vehicle name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC
Color TV2 Bayside Blue
Mileage 101823KM May 26, 2003 Meter replaced at 14375KM Current meter 87448KM 
No restoration
November 2022
1 owner vehicle
Complete with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual
Main key, keyless key, and trunk key are available.

Maintenance History (Nissan Prince Akashi & Omori Factroy)
January 15, 2002 1393KM
June 7, 2002 6173KM
November 21, 2002 10125KM
April 1, 2003 15040KM
May 26, 2003 14375KM Meter replacement
November 27, 2003 3556KM
October 26, 2004 Distance reading not available
November 11, 2004 12178KM
October 28, 2006 27546KM
April 26, 2007 30970KM
November 6, 2007 35020KM
November 11, 2008 40847KM
May 29, 2009 44232KM
November 19, 2010 49201KM
November 13, 2012 46284KM
November 22, 2012 56224KM
November 10, 2013 59599KM
April 22, 2014 61506KM
August 8, 2014 62422KM
November 10, 2014 63353KM
October 28, 2016 69497KM
November 29, 2016 70086KM
September 23, 2017 73977KM NISMO OMORI Chassis Refresh
December 7, 2017 74753KM
April 30, 2008 75984KM
November 9, 2008 77359KM
January 15, 2019 77651KM
April 6, 2019 78901KM
August 3, 2019 80316KM
November 3, 2019 81312KM NISMO plug harness, IG coil replacement
January 7, 2020 81312KM NISMO WELDINA NE1 Titanium installation
January 19, 2020 82269KM NISMO air flow meter replacement
March 1, 2020 82684KM NISMO R1 turbine replacement
October 3, 2020 84315KM
November 5, 2020 84665KM
November 7, 2020 84905KM
February 18, 2021 85469KM
March 8, 2021 85801KM SAMCO hose replacement
August 30, 2021 86620KM
November 29, 2022 87330KM

Engine related
New N1 engine base construction
NISMO R1 Full Conversion 
Nismo Omori Factory construction
N1 87Φ Piston
Stock connecting rods and pistons weight matched
Crankshaft & pulleys balanced as one unit
NISMO Oyako Metal
NISMO R1 exclusive camshaft IN/EX264 lift 9.25
NISMO Reinforced Timing Belt
IN/EX cylinder head port & manifold modification
NISMO Metal Head Gasket
NISMO 555cc fuel injectors
NISMO Reinforced Oil Pump
NISMO Oil Pan Baffle Plate
NISMO Oil Separator
NISMO Oil Gallery Plug
NISMO R1 Plug Cover Ornament
NISMO OIL Filler Cap
NISMO OIL Separator Tank

Turbine related
NISMO R1 exclusive turbine 2018 New replacement at OMORI
NISMO Reinforced Actuator
NISMO Turbine Outlet
BNR34 N1 Stock Exhaust Manifold

NISMO Intercooler
NISMO Intercooler Piping
NISMO Oil Cooler
NISMO Aluminum Radiator
NISMO High Pressure Radiator Cap
SAMCO Silicone Radiator Hose
MINE'S Carbon Radiator Panel

Intake & Exhaust
NISMO R-TUNE Air Cleaner Duct
NISMO large capacity air flow meter x2
NISMO Inlet Pipe
Throchan spacer for NISMO R1
Stock intake manifold port polishing
NISMO WELDINA NE-1 Titanium Muffler

NISMO OMORI Factroy Chassis Refresh installation (73977KM in 2017, 2,928,015 yen)
1, Mounting
Engine mount, transmission mount NISMO, T/M member bushings
1-2,Muffler bushings
Exhaust rubber mounting, reinforced muffler bushings
2,Power Train
Clutch back plate, release BRG, master cylinder, operating cylinder, clutch hose (NISMO), clutch fluid
Check the main body, release forks, dust boots, control lever boots, BNR34SPL oil, and BNR34SPL oil.
Fr inner & outer boot Rh Lh, Rr inner & outer boot Rh Lh
Check the diff side seal Rh Lh, Rr diff side shim, diff backlash & tooth contact.
Side seals, gaskets, Rr differential oil
2-5, Propeller shaft inspection
2-6, ETS accumulator
GSKT-CONN replacement, hydraulic unit inspection, consultation check, replacement of each oil type
3-1, Hub
Fr & Rr Rh Lh hub assembly, seals & back plate replacement
4-1,Link and Arm
Fr circuit link left/right, Fr third link Rh Lh, Rr upper link front & rear, A-arm Rh Lh, Rr member assembly
4-2,Bushings and mounts
Fr third link bushings & Rr axle bushings & Rr axle S/AB bushings (NISMO)
Fr & Rr stabilizer & bushings (NISMO), diff mount insulator KIT & suspension member (NISMO), additional stopper mount, member upper replacement
4-3, A/AB
Ohlins DFV (pillow upper)
4-4, HICAS
Control unit inspection, ball joint Lh replacement, tie rod & end replacement
4-5, Alignment, 4-6, Tires
5, Brakes
5-1, Rotor
Polished by FrENDLESS, replaced by RrENDLESS
5-2, Pads RrENDLESS RC0121 MXPL replacement
5-3, caliper inspection; 5-4, brake hose inspection; 5-5, side brake inspection; 5-6, master cylinder replacement; 5-7 ABS inspection; 5-8, air bleed MOTUL RBF600 fluid
6, Steering
6-1, Rack and pinion
Replace steering rack assembly, joints, and column
6-2 Power steering
Hose and clamp fluid replacement
7、Other short parts related
8,Running check set
9, Option
Under floor bar front & center, sway bar KIT, rear x-fuser bracket & screws, muffler heat shield plate replacement, cooling fan replacement, brake master back air hose replacement, clutch master bag air hose replacement, cam cover gasket replacement

Suspension related
NISMO front and rear stabilizers
NISMO Tension Rod
NISMO Front Upper Link
NISMO Front Lower Arm
NISMO Rear Upper Link (front side)
NISMO Rear Upper Link (rear side)
NISMO Rear A-arm (Lower Arm)
NISMO Rear Member Link

Body related
Omori Factroy limited edition titanium tower bar
NISMO Under Floor Bar Front
NISMO Under Floor Bar Center

Drive relationship
NISMO Super Coppermix Twin Clutch
NISMO Light Weight Flywheel

Brake relation☆☆☆ Brake relation
ENDLESS MONO 6-pod front brake calipers
ENDLESS Fr 370Φ front brake rotors
ENDLESS MONO 4-pod rear brake caliper
ENDLESS 332Φ rear brake rotor
ENDLESS Stainless steel mesh brake hoses
ENDLESS brake pads

Wheels & Tires
NISMO GT-LM4 Omori Factory Limited Machining Logo Ver 10.5J×18+15
DUNLOP DIREZZA Z3 285/30-18 tires

Electrical equipment
NISMO 320KM full scale white meter
NISMO MFD expansion kit Ver2

NISMO Z-TUNE Front Bumper
NISMO R-TUNE carbon fiber hood
NISMO Z-TUNE Front Wide Fenders
NISMO Side Skirts
NISMO Rear Undercarriage
NISMO Rear Fender Arch Mouldings
NISMO Carbon Fiber Pillar Covers

Interior related
NISMO GT Titanium Shift Knob
KENWOOD CD player