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Stock No.BNR34GT-R V-SPEC/TV2 Bayside Blue/Fully Original Car

BNR34GT-R Full Original! V-SPEC! Highly recommended car in excellent condition inside and out!

bayside blue


We are pleased to introduce to you this vehicle.
This is a 1999 BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC TV2 Bayside Blue, fully original car.
The car has been driven as original without any modifications since new, and has a lot of maintenance history from new to the most recent.
There are many other items that we cannot read the dates and distances other than the ones listed below.
The car is in excellent condition inside and out, with little exterior fading, not to mention the engine.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 1999
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC
Color TV2 Bayside Blue
Mileage 85891KM
No Restoration
Inspection December 18, 2022
Maintenance Record Book, Record Book, Warranty Book, Instruction Manual, Spare Keys x 2, Keyless

Maintenance History ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Maintenance History ☆☆☆☆☆ May 14, 1999 6
May 14, 1999 616KM
June 1, 1999 1274KM
January 31, 2000 5713KM
May 20, 2000 7232KM
September 21, 2000 9470KM
April 15, 2001 12620KM
January 21, 2005 38646KM
February 12, 2007 46928KM
May 8, 2008 48829KM
February 8, 2010 57826KM
May 24, 2014 62071KM
December 14, 2014 62193KM
December 19, 2014 63277KM
December 12, 2016 70803KM
December 10, 2008 77186KM
December 18, 2019 81055KM
December 14, 2020 83715KM
December 20, 2021 84878KM

Other details
Carrozzeria HDD Navigation System / Digital Terrestrial TV