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Stock No.BNR34GT-R NISMOfinespecFINALEG Suspension Refresh

☆ 14 years last BNR34GT-R NISMO fine spec final EG & suspension full refresh

bayside blue


We are pleased to introduce you to a 2002 final model BNR34 Skyline GT-R
NISMO Fine Spec FINAL Engine & Suspension Refreshment Work.
This vehicle has been maintained and refreshed by Nissan dealers since it was purchased as a used car in 2011. In addition to the expensive engine and suspension refreshes, the vehicle has also been meticulously maintained on a daily basis, making it a reliable and recommended vehicle.
The condition of the body as well as the engine is very good, and the interior and exterior are in excellent condition.
Please refer to the following information for details of the car, maintenance details, history, etc.
Please take a look at the details below.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2002
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade STD
Color Bayside Blue
Mileage 246000KM
Repair: Yes (Rear back panel replaced)
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty, Manual, Main Key, Spare Key, Trunk Key

CLIFFORD Security System

Used car purchased 
August 6, 2011 85000KM
August 27, 2011 87597KM
September 17, 2011 88174KM
January 28, 2012 93873KM
June 30, 2012 10078KM Timing belt related complete set
July 7, 2012 10303KM
October 5, 2012 104563KM
January 27, 2013 107690KM Power steering gear assembly and turbo charger replacement
March 10, 2013 109392KM
July 15, 2013 114010KM
September 24, 2013 115070KM
January 3, 2014 118084KM
January 28, 2014 118437KM
September 7, 2014 124431KM
March 7, 2015 130290KM
June 20, 2015 134146KM
August 1, 2015 135935KM
September 13, 2015 138038KM
September 26, 2015 139496KM
October 18, 2015 139496KM
November 24, 2015 141042KM NISMO fine spec final EG installed, new clutch, EG oil cooler assy, turbocharger assy, harness related, air hose assy, vacuum hose assy, O2 sensor, belt related, radiator hoses and Mounts, power steering hose, intercooler, etc. replaced Total 3,270,000 yen Maintenance
April 3, 2008 144,856KM
September 17, 2016 150321KM
March 5, 2017 155681KM
July 29, 2017 161267KM
November 18, 2017 166495KM
January 6, 2008 168598KM
January 30, 2018 169400KM
February 2, 2008 169400KM
April 28, 2008 174194KM
June 30, 2008 177207KM Total 1,240,000 yen chassis refresh at the motorsports office
Front suspension refresh menu performed
Rear suspension refresh menu implemented
Optional front hub assembly
Optional rear hub assembly
NISMO Clutch Hose
Underbody Clear Coating
August 25, 2008 179820KM
November 11, 2008 183776KM
December 8, 2008 185310KM
January 12, 1991 187554KM
April 27, 2019 192809KM
June 15, 2019 195758KM Clutch master cylinder, operating cylinder, clutch cover, complete set of discs and rear engine mount replaced
September 1, 2019 200216KM
January 10, 2020 207096KM
January 12, 2020 207405KM
September 13, 2020 217256KM
October 4, 2020 219266KM
November 21, 2020 221592KM
January 17, 2021 223180KM
April 10, 2021 226035KM
July 31, 2021 230687KM
October 30, 2021 235852KM
January 9, 2022 238564KM
March 11, 2022 241256KM Complete timing belt replacement
April 22, 2022 242504KM
June 19, 2022 245831KM

NISMO Fine Spec Final Engine #142
R35 Air Flow Adapter
R35 Air Flow Meter
R35 Injectors
Exclusive Fuel Delivery Pipe
NISMO Pressure Regulator
NISMO OIL Filler Cap

Stock turbine When replacing the engine

Intake and Exhaust
NISMO Sports Air Filter
NISMO Verdina NE1 Stainless Steel Muffler

Drivetrain and Suspension
NISMO Teflon Mesh Brake Hoses
Motor Sports Room
Front Suspension Refresh Menu
Rear Suspension Refresh Menu
Front and Rear Hub Assy (Option)

NISMO Sports Resetting

NISMO Teflon mesh brake hoses
ENDLESS Brake Pads

V-SPEC Front Under Diffuser
V-SPEC Front Engine Under Cover
Side Skirts
Rear Under Spoiler
Front headlight lens replacement

Tires & Wheels
MichelinPilotsports4 265-35-18
NISMO LM-GT4 10.5J×18+15 Limited Mud Black (NEW)

V-SPEC Foot Pedal Set
KENWOOD HDD Navigation System