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Stock No.BNR34GT-R V-SPEC/1999 MAY/MIDORI maintenance tuning/44,000 KM

☆BNR34V-SPEC! MIDORI! N1 block! GT2530 & V-CAM! Front and rear Alcon 6&4 POT Brakes!

1999 May
44,014 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time a May 1999 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC with 44,000 KM actual mileage and no repair history. Tuned and engine build by MIDORI maintenance center using N1 block, HKS forged piston, GT2530 and V-CAM. Dynapack 450.5PS.
The car is a vehicle with a very high degree of perfection, including the engine, undercarriage, front and rear MONO Alcon brakes, etc., by MIDORI.
The exterior is a very elegant with full NISMO aero and BBS LM Champion ED. It is a well-loved vehicle.

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Vehicle Information
Year: May 1999
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: V-SPEC
Color: White
Mileage: 44,014 KM (May 17, 1999 10 KM: Nimso meter replacement Record book included Actual vehicle current meter: 44,004 KM)
No repair history
Vehicle inspection: May 2024
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, main key, keyless

Engine related
24U (N1) cylinder block
HKS forged 86Φ piston
HKS EX STEP1 camshaft
HKS slide cam sprocket
NISMO metal bearings
N1 Water pump
N1 OIL pump
NISMO OIL separator tank
Okada Products Plasma direct ignition coil

Turbine related
HKS GT2530 turbine KIT
HKS reinforced actuators

Fuel related
TOMEI large capacity fuel pump
Nimso 550cc fuel injector
NISMO fuel regulator

Intake and exhaust related
NISMO air inlet pipe
NISMO S-tune air cleaner element
NISMO R-tune air cleaner duct
Stainless steel equal length front pipe
SARD sports catalyzer
APEXi ECV valve
Mine's silence VX pro titanium muffler

Cooling related
NISMO sports oil cooler
ARC intercooler
SAMCO intercooler silicon pipe
MIDORI aluminum radiator
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
Aluminum air reservoir tank

Driveline and undercarriage related
ATS carbon twin plate clutch
NISMO Teflon stainless mesh clutch line
MIDORI Aragosta suspension KIT
NISMO Front & Rear reinforced stabilizer

Body related
NISMO performance damper KIT
NISMO reinforced engine mount
MIDORI front aluminum tower bar
Du-Luck rear crossbar

Brake related
MIDORI Alcon MONO Front 6POT caliper
MIDORI Alcon Front 355Φ brake rotor
MIDORI Alcon MONO Rear 4POT caliper
MIDORI Alcon Rear 300Φ brake rotor
Stainless mesh brake lines

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full-scale combination meter
NISMO multi-function expansion display monitor
TOMEI M-300TEPLX A/F meter

Controller & CPU related
HKS EVC5 boost controller
FILD E-TS Linear Attesar Controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Ver3.24 MIDORI current car setting
NISMO RR580 large capacity airflow meter

Exterior related
Genuine OP headlight finisher
NISMO S-tune front bumper
NISMO R-tune bonnet
NISMO side skirt
NISMO rear under spoiler
NISMO GT-LED tail lamp
MINE'S rear trunk spoiler
MINE'S rear wing stay
NISMO carbon tone pillar garnish
NISMO front bumper smoked turn signal
NISMO side turn smoked lens
BBS LM Championship ED 18x10J +20

Interior related
BNR34GT-R driver seat/passenger seat for late model
BNR34GT-R late use rear seat
BNR34GT-R late audio panel
BNR34GT-R late shift panel
NISMO GT titanium shift knob
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC II aluminum foot pedal 4 points
Carrozzeria AVIC-ZH9990 navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD