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Stock No.BNR34-late year 2000/Kansai service tuning actual measurement 713PS/5000KM after production 

☆Rare! BNR34 GT-R! 2 owner! HKS 2.8 KIT STEP2! TO4Z! N1 block! Kansai service tuning! Actual measurement 713PS! 5,000 KM after production!

75,896 KM
Sparkling Silver 


The car that we will introduce this time is an excellent BNR34 HKS 2.8 KIT STEP2 V-CAM PRO TO4Z with actual measurement 713PS vehicle produced by Kansai Service.
It is a recommended vehicle in excellent condition less than about 5000km after production.
With a total tune that can be enjoyed in a wide range from city driving to full circuit driving.
Along with the engine tuning, the suspension, driveline, brakes, cooling, etc. have been finished at a high level making it a very high-quality car.
The exterior is also NISMO Z-TUNE specification and the appearance is outstanding.
It is a two-owner vehicle and has been enjoyed only for city driving without circuit driving after production.
It is one of the recommended cars for those who are looking for a high-tuned vehicle.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2000 (late)
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: STD front and rear mechanical LSD
Mileage: 75,896 km
Repair history: None
Color: Sparkling Silver WV2
Warranty card, record book, spare key, genuine keyless

☆ Engine related ☆
2017 71,000 KM production by Kansai service
・HKS forged STEP2 piston
・HKS forged H-section connecting rod
・HKS forged 77.7mm full counter crankshaft
N1 (24U) cylinder block
・Dummy head boring ・Honing ・Top surface correction surface polishing
NISMO Reinforced metal bearing
New cylinder head
・Valve seat cut
・Cam crest escape processing
・Correction of stepped port
・Combustion chamber capacity matching
・Genuine new valve guide replacement
TOMEI head stud bolt
Tomei reinforced head bolt washer
Tomei stud type crank cap bolt
TOMEI Oil Gallery Orifice
TOMEI UMEDA enhanced OIL pump
TRUST large capacity oil pan
‐IN 264 lift 10.00 camshaft
TOMEI PRO CAM EX 270°10.8 lift camshaft
TOMEI slide cam sprocket
TOMEI Reinforced valve spring
TOMEI combination metal gasket
TOMEI reinforced timing belt
ATI crank damper pulley 1000PS compatible model
N1 Water pump
BILLION low temperature thermostat
MINE'S triple flow cam cover baffle plate
HKS Super SQV blow-off valve
OKADA PROJECTS plasma direct ignition coil
RH9 high power alternator SPL type

☆ Turbine related ☆
HKS T04Z single turbine
Kansai original hand-bent stainless steel exhaust manifold
HKS racing wastegate

☆ Fuel related ☆
SARD 850cc 6-hole injector x6
TRUST fuel delivery line
SARD fuel regulator
AUTO STAFF collector tank for 2 in-tanks
・GT-R pump x 2

☆ Cooling ☆
ARC twin entry type intercooler
HKS oil cooler
TRUST TWR aluminum radiator
ARC titanium radiator hood panel
EARLS power steering oil cooler
One-off mission oil cooler
One-off rear LSD oil cooler

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
HKS super power flow reloaded air cleaner
aluminum suction pipe
NISMO intake collector (surge tank)
HKS front pipe
HKS super turbo muffler

☆ Suspension related ☆
OHLINES DFV full length adjustable vehicle harmonic
HYPERCO spring
NISMO front and rear stabilizers
HPI pillow ball tension rod
IKEYA FORMULA front upper link
BCNR33 genuine front lower arm
NISMO reinforced front third link bush
NISMO rear upper arm front
NISMO rear upper arm rear
NISMO rear A arm (lower arm)
NISMO reinforced rear shock mount bush (knuckle side)
NISMO rear member brace
MF-R rear roll center adjuster pro
CS-TOP rear stabilizer link kit
NISMO reinforced steering rack mount bush
MF-R Bump adjust tie rod end
MF-R super tie rod end
MF-R front roll center adapter

☆ Chassis related ☆
KANSAI SERVICE front tower bar
AUTO SELECT solid support PRO
KANSAI SERVICE limited titanium lower brace bar set

☆ Driveline related ☆
ORC triple plate clutch
Hollinger type spline hub
DFR big operating cylinder
DFR direct clutch hose
NISMO reinforced input shaft
NISMO reinforced differential mount set
ATS carbon front LSD
ATS carbon rear LSD
TOMEI 3.692 final gear set
C'S short stroke shift

☆ Brake related ☆
TRUST 8-pot front caliper
TRUST 380Φ front brake rotor
TRUST 4-pot rear brake caliper
TRUST 330Φ rear brake rotor
ENDLESS MX72 brake pads
AUTO SELECT large diameter master cylinder
Cusco master cylinder stopper

☆ Electrical related ☆
LINK plug-in Kansai service current car setting
HKS EVC6iR2.4 boost controller
HKS A/F knock amplifier
HKS turbo timer
NISMO 320km full scale meter (replace meter at about 10,000km)
Genuine multi-function display LCD monitor replacement
ARC multi-temp meter (intake/water temperature/transmission oil temperature/rear differential oil temperature)
Defi link meter boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge

☆ Exterior related ☆
TOP SECRET front diffuser
NISMO Z-TUNE specification front bumper
NISMO Z-TUNE specification front fender
NISMO R-TUNE dry carbon bonnet
NISMO side step
TOP SECRET rear carbon diffuser
TOP SECRET Votech Generator
SUPERIOR rear wing carbon high position stay
LED tail light
Genuine headlight squid ring processing

☆ Wheel & tire related ☆
Rays Volk TE37 19 inch 9.5J + 12
ADVAN NEOVA AD08R 275/30R19 tire
DFR titanium wheel nut

☆ Interior related ☆
Carrozzeria navigation
NAKAMICHI 4-channel amplifier
NAKAMICHI 2-channel amplifier
ALPINE 5.1ch sound processor PXA-H701
BOSTON front separate speaker
CERWIN VEGA rear 2WAY speaker
PHASS Subwoofer