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Stock No.BNR34-late year 2000/HKS2.8KIT&TF08 turbine variable valve timing NVCS/LINK ECU 819PS

☆BNR34GT-R!HKS2.8KIT&Variable valve timing NVCS!TF08 modified turbine!LINK CPU!Front and rear MONO brakes!819PS!

95,875 KM
Sparkling Silver


The car we would like to introduce this time is a BNR34 Skyline GT-R with HKS 2.8 KIT, NVCS, TF08 turbine and front/rear MONO6POT brakes. 819PS!
It is a car that has been completed in total including engine relations, driveline relations, undercarriage, cooling and braking.
It is a high-spec vehicle that you can enjoy even sports driving with peace of mind.
The details of the car and the contents of the modification will be described in the description below.
We also have invoices and power check sheets related to tuning, so if you would like to see them in advance, please contact us.

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Vehicle Information
Year: Late 2000
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Color: Sparkling silver
Mileage: 95,875 KM
No repair history
Equipped with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, manual, main key, spare, trunk key
VIPER security

July 2017 Engine O/H
JURATEC variable valve timing NVCS
N1 (24U) cylinder block 
Cylinder head
Port processing, combustion chamber processing, NAPREC valve guide replacement, valve lifter WPC processing
・NAPREC IN valve ・EX valve polishing ・Head face polishing ・Valve seat cut ・HKS reinforced valve SP ・

Cylinder related
ARP head bolt stud / ARP block stud bolt / ARP connecting rod bolt
TOMEI metal bearing
Metal WPC for S15
Connecting rod grooving for S15 metal
BILLION large capacity low temperature thermostat
48Φ diameter throttle processing
Intake manifold Φ48 expanded
HKS reinforced timing belt
TRUST surge tank enlarged port portion intake manifold alignment
ATI damper pulley 1000PS specification
HKS strengthened oil pump
Large-capacity OIL breather processing
TOMEI oil pan baffle plate
BILLION power steering tank
NISMO reinforced engine mount

Turbine related
Sanai TF08 modified turbine
TRUST 45Φ stainless steel exhaust manifold G cup change
TRUST Wastegate

Fuel related
SARD fuel delivery pipe
SARD 900cc fuel injector
TOMEI fuel regulator
2 in-tank fuel pumps

Cooling related
TRUST intercooler (exit 100Φ processing)
ARC side turn aluminum radiator
ARC air reservoir tank
HKS OIL cooler & 2 additional core specifications
HPI Rr differential cooler
Aluminum differential blow-by catch tank

Intake and exhaust
100Φ Aluminum suction pipe (buff specification)
HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded
Original air cleaner box
MIDORI Silent High Power Nr muffler

Instrument related
PowerTune Digital GPS Dash / digital dash display with GPS
PLX A/F meter
Defi exhaust temperature gauge
HKS circuit attack counter

Driveline and undercarriage
TOMEI 3.69 final gear
ATS Rr silent 2WAY LSD
Large capacity differential oil pan for BNR32
Reinforce Transfer
mission member rigid color
NISMO Copper MIX twin clutch
IKEYA FOMURA front pillow adjuster link
IKEYA FOMURA pillow tie rod end
IKEYA FOMURA roll center adjuster link
IKEYA FOMURA roll center lower arm
IKEYA FOMURA adjuster rear lower arm
IKEYA FOMURA rear camber adjuster upper arm
IKEYA FOMURA rear knuckle pillow bush
IKEYA FOMURA rear multi-link spacer
NISMO third link reinforced bush
NISMO Steering rack reinforced bush
A/S CRUX Wangan Suspension KIT

Body related
A/S front aluminum tower bar

Brake related
ENDLESS 370Φ brake rotor
ENDLESS 355Φ brake rotor
ENDLESS brake line stainless mesh

Control related
HKS EVC6iR boost controller (scramble switch installed)

Exterior related
A/S front carbon spoiler
A/S Front WIDE fender
A/S carbon bonnet
A/S carbon trunk
GANADOR carbon aero mirror
NISMO S-TUNE front bumper
NISMO side skirt set
NISMO rear under spoiler
NISMO carbon tone pillar garnish
MINE'S rear carbon wing flap
carbon rear wing stay
TOPSECRET rear carbon diffuser
NISMO GT-LED tail lamp
Rear back FOG LED processing

Tire & wheel
ADVAN GT 18X11J +15

Interior related
V-SPEC II foot pedal set
MOMO Steering
Rapfix quick release boss
RECARO RS-G ASM Limited bucket seat
RECARO SR6 ASM passenger seat
Carrozeria AVIC-ZH77 navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD
ZERO 704V radar detector
YUPITERU drive recorder